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Staff and affiliates

Examples of current/recent research undertaken by Centre staff and affiliates include:

  • Identifying best practice for empowerment through entrepreneurial freedom for women and youth in slum settlements in Delhi, India (Dr Kathleen Fincham, Dr Shalini Bhorkar and Amy Smail, in collaboration with the University of Newcastle)
  • Mapping of Refugee Access to the National Education System in North Africa - Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Tunisia (Dr Kathleen Fincham, funded by UNHCR)
  • Syrian youths’ perceptions and experiences of higher education opportunities for refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey (Dr Kathleen Fincham, funded by the British Council/ UNHCR) 
  • Troubling Muslim youth identities: nation, religion, gender - Lebanon, Pakistan, Senegal, Nigeria (Dr Kathleen Fincham, in collaboration with the University of Sussex) 
  • The linkages between informal private tutoring and formal schooling in the context of India - a political economy approach (Dr Shalini Bhorkar)
  • How primary teachers construct citizenship in the city of Accra, Ghana and the role of African critical consciousness in decolonising citizenship and the nation-building process (Amy Smail)
  • The role of education in peacebuilding: An analysis of the impact of teachers’ views and practices with regards to peace and conflict in Côte d’Ivoire and Kenya (Dr Line Kuppens) 
  • Schooling experiences of Syrian child refugees in Turkey (Dr Özlem Erden) 
  • Constructing an imagined path to peace during conflict:  A critical discourse analysis of human rights education in Gaza, Palestine (Dr Nancy Albhaisi)  
  • Understanding the efficacy and potential of First Star Academy, St Mary’s (Dr Iole Cozzone, Dr Sumi Hollingworth, funded by Porticus) 
  • Professional youth work as it is practiced in diverse forms in locations around the world (Dr Fin Cullen) 
  • Gender-related violence within education and youth settings (Dr Fin Cullen) 
  • How young people encounter and resist violent extremist or terrorist narratives (Dr Zin Derfoufi) 
  • How people from ethnic minority communities are organising on urgent crime problems (Dr Zin Derfoufi) 
  • Safeguarding people with mental health needs or learning differences during contact with the police (Dr Zin Derfoufi, funded by the Wellcome Trust) 
  • Africa Post-Doctoral Scholar research project (Dr Chris Edwards-Leis, funded by Porticus) 
  • Schooling experiences of Syrian child refugees in Turkey (Dr Özlem Erden) 
  • Disability rights and social justice reforms in education policy and practice (Dr Anastasia Liasidou)