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Examples of current/recent research undertaken by Centre staff and affiliates include:

  • Syrian youths’ perceptions and experiences of higher education opportunities for refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey (Dr Kathleen Fincham, funded by the British Council/ UNHCR)
  • Troubling Muslim youth identities: nation, religion, gender - Lebanon, Pakistan, Senegal, Nigeria (Dr Kathleen Fincham, in collaboration with the University of Sussex)
  • Schooling experiences of Syrian child refugees in Turkey (Dr Özlem Erden)
  • Local support mechanisms for educating refugee children in Turkey (Dr Özlem Erden)
  • Child labour and school attendance in Turkey (Dr Özlem Erden)
  • Understanding the efficacy and potential of First Star Academy, St Mary’s (Dr Iole Cozzone, Dr Sumi Hollingworth, funded by Porticus)
  • Constructing an imagined path to peace during conflict:  A critical discourse analysis of human rights education in Gaza, Palestine (Dr Nancy Albhaisi) 
  • Professional youth work as it is practiced in diverse forms in locations around the world (Dr Fin Cullen)
  • Gender-related violence within education and youth settings (Dr Fin Cullen)
  • How young people encounter and resist violent extremist or terrorist narratives (Dr Zin Derfoufi)
  • How people from ethnic minority communities are organising on urgent crime problems (Dr Zin Derfoufi)
  • Safeguarding people with mental health needs or learning differences during contact with the police (Dr Zin Derfoufi, funded by the Wellcome Trust)
  • The impact of a grassroots microfinance organisation on women’s lives and intergenerational effects on girls’ education in rural India (Ms Rebecca Gordon)
  • Disability rights and social justice reforms in education policy and practice (Dr Anastasia Liasidou)