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Post–World War II

Since opening in 1925, the campus buildings have been enlarged to meet the needs of around 6,000 students, including the construction of a new Chapel in 1962-63, based on designs by Sir Albert Richardson.

St Mary's chapel from the piazza
The design of our Chapel (above right) was influenced by the medieval Albi Cathedral in Southern France.

It has also seen a dramatic change in society, particularly in the provision of higher education to all. In response to these changes, St Mary's admitted women for the first time in 1966.

Whilst St Mary's was primarily concerned with teacher training up to 1975, courses leading to the University of London BA and BSc external degrees had been offered from 1920. In 1967 it became possible to stay for a fourth year to convert the Teacher's Certificate into a BEd degree.

Old House and main reception

The first students for the, then new, London University BA, BEd, BH and BSc unit degrees entered in 1975. These degrees marked a new phase in the life of the College as it diversified its portfolio to introduce Master's and expand its non-teaching degrees.