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3: Respond to your offer

Not a UK/EU applicant? Please check our international application process.

There are two types of offers we could make you: conditional and unconditional

Conditional offer

This offer will lay out conditions that you will need to meet in order to have your place confirmed. Conditional offers often depend on exam results. For most people this means waiting for the summer results day to see if you have met the entry requirements.

Unconditional offer

You have already met the entry requirements, and the place is yours should you wish to accept the offer. If you accept an unconditional offer you cannot make an insurance choice or be entered into Clearing. 

Unconditional offers may also contain other conditions that you will still need to meet, such as a DBS check or medical requirements.  If English is not your first language you may also have to prove that you meet our English language requirements as a condition of your offer.

Accepting your offer

You can accept your offer to study at St Mary's by logging in to the online application portal.

Accept your offer now

If you were made a conditional offer your email will list the requirements you will need to meet in order to confirm your place to study. 

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