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Applying for an undergraduate degree after the UCAS deadline

Not a UK/EU applicant? Please check our international application process.
Applying before 15th January? Please check our UCAS application process.

Even though most applications are received by the 15th January UCAS deadline, every year a number of students apply after this date for a variety of reasons.

Perhaps you missed the UCAS deadline or changed your mind about where/what you want to study. Maybe you haven't received the offers you were hoping for.

Regardless of your circumstances, it's not too late for you to apply to begin an undergraduate degree at St Mary's University in September 2019.

Depending on your current situation, you will apply through one of the following routes:

UCAS Apply

If you if haven’t submitted a UCAS application yet and are still completing qualifications or awaiting results.
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UCAS Extra

If you’ve already applied through UCAS and used all five of your choices.
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Record of prior acceptance

If you haven't submitted a UCAS application and already have your results.
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Direct application

If you would like to study and foundation or undergraduate degree on a part-time basis you will need to apply directly rather than through UCAS.
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