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Late applications: UCAS Extra

Not a UK/Ireland applicant? Please check our international application process.
Applying before 15th January? Please check our UCAS application process.

If you didn't apply before the 15th January deadline you will still be able to do so via UCAS Extra.

UCAS Extra applications open on 25th February and is available until 5th July. At this point you will be able to nominate a course using the  UCAS Track facility. 

We continuingly review the availability of our courses and urge any students interested in studying at St Mary's to make their application as soon as possible.

Am I eligible?

You will be eligible to add another choice to your UCAS applications if:

  • You weren't accepted by any of your five initial choices
  • You declined all the offers that you received
  • You didn't use all five of your choices and have not accepted or declined any offers
  • You initially applied to one choice and want to add more (this will incur an application fee)

More information about UCAS Extra and eligibility criteria can be found on the UCAS  "Adding Extra Choices" webpage.

Apply through UCAS Extra