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Campus Parking: General Information and FAQs

Please see below for a list of common queries regarding car parking arrangements on the St Mary's campus. Please see also the FAQs regarding enforcement of the parking regulations

Parking conditions apply year-round. They operate from Monday to Sunday 24 hours a day. If you park on double yellow line, a disabled bay or cause an obstruction, have not paid for a day space or a staff digital permit holder you will still be issued with a PCN.

The annual digital parking permit application process runs during early summer each year. Staff can apply using the online form on StaffNet during the application period.

After the closing date for the main application process staff can continue to apply for a digital permit using the application form. However there will be a waiting list and no guarantee that a digital permit will be issued.

The digital permit acts as a ‘licence to hunt' and when you find a marked space you can park there without fear of being issued with a penalty charge. Please note that Annual Digital Permits are not valid for parking in Day Spaces (marked 'D') unless otherwise specified.

​Generally Annual and Day spaces are kept separate. Whilst there are spaces available in the car parks we will not be opening up the day spaces for use by Annual Digital Permit holders. If you are an Annual Digital Permit holder and there are no spaces available, you can use you Annual digital permit to park at one of our off site car parks.

It is possible to list more than one vehicle on an annual digital parking permit, although only one vehicle may use the permit at a time.

It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that correct and up to date details of their vehicle(s) are on the parking permit. Any changes must be informed in advance to Security via or Vehicles parked with a permit that has incorrect details are likely to receive a Parking Charge Notice.​

Work needs to be undertaken on the campus and often tools and materials necessary for that work are carried in the van and need to be accessible during the work being carried out. Most of this work is undertaken during the summer when the demand for spaces is reduced. We will endeavour to minimise the impact where possible.

If you do not want a permit no more the payments will be stopped coming out of your salary. You must inform that you no longer require a staff permit.

​Covered cycle storage facilities are available in multiple locations around the campus. The availability of cycle parking on site is reviewed regularly.

Blue Badge holders do not require a  digital permit, but the Blue Badge must been on display. Staff with medical issues will be issued a day space when appropriate medical evidence is provided. ​

Given the ratio of permits to spaces, there are often spaces available in other areas of the campus. Additional permit-controlled parking is also available at the University's off-site facilities at 60 Waldegrave Road or The Exchange.

All permits are now digital, which means that all vehicles parked on campus will be on a central system and a paper permit is not needed.

Staff who do not comply with the University's Traffic Regulations and receive multiple parking charge notices will face disciplinary action and the loss of any future right to a digital parking permit.​

Students who do not comply with the University's Traffic Regulations and receive multiple parking charge notices will be referred for disciplinary action. Failure to pay outstanding parking charge notice(s) may result in the individual being recorded as a University debtor; this could prevent the entitlement to the award of a Degree or other qualification by the University.

Depending upon the severity of the offence the matter may be reported to the on duty Security Supervisor or the director of estates, who will determine what action, shall be taken. This may include exercise of a power to withdraw or withhold a permit for an appropriate period, and/or withdraw the permission to have a vehicle on the site.