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Special Parking Requirements

Exceptions to the regular parking permit schemes apply for those with disabilities or medical conditions. Provision for these needs is outlined below.

Disabled Parking

Blue Badge holders are eligible to use any of the marked disabled bays across campus. Where disabled bays are already in use and therefore unavailable, Blue Badge holders are permitted to park in any other marked bay. Where such alternative use results in parking within a 'D'(Day) space, Reception MUST be advised in order to avoid double booking of the space. Failure to display the Blue Badge correctly or to notify reception will result in the vehicle being issued with a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) in line with campus parking policy.

Medical Issues

St Mary's recognises that there are circumstances where temporary and/or chronic medical conditions result in a need to access parking on campus. Should this be the case, an application should be made to Parking Services using the permit application form available online. Applicants will still have to meet the Parking Permits Points Matrix criteria to qualify for this permit.

Where such an application falls outside the normal scheme application dates, staff with temporary medical conditions that do not entitle them to a 'Blue Badge', but who are impacted sufficiently so as to necessitate access to campus parking, are able to apply for a parking permit at any point throughout the year. This is irrespective of the schemes open or closed status and conditional that such transportation restrictions and requirements are supported, in writing, by their medical practitioner or a registered health practitioner appointed by St Mary's. Any such written medical documentation is deemed as sensitive personal data and as such will be held securely and confidentially by either Human Resources or Student Services.

Where permits are granted 'mid scheme', they will be made available with costs pro-rated against the outstanding parking year available. Any such granting shall not entitle the user to immediate renewal of permit or continuation of parking under the permit scheme. Permits issued under this scheme shall not entitle holders to park in 'D' spaces or Disabled parking bays and to do so will result in the vehicle being issued with a PCN in line with campus parking policy. Issue of a parking permit entitles the person to park on site but does not entitle use of disabled or 'D' Day spaces.  The issue of a permit to park does not guarantee availability of a free parking space and entitles the holder to park in allocated and marked areas only.  All campus parking restrictions and penalties apply.


Failure to satisfy the above does not mean parking is unavailable.  Users may apply to reception for a daily, weekly or monthly block 'D' space booking which will be made available at the current prevailing day rate.