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Payroll FAQ's

Where can I find my payslip?

Payslips can be viewed and downloaded via PeopleNet. For information about accessing PeopleNet, please visit our PeopleNet information page or contact

Where can I find information on the University's current salary spinal points?

Please visit the HR Forms, Policies and Procedures for Staff page on StaffNet and go to the Pay and Recognition heading. (Note: this is based on full-time hours)

When will I get a salary increment?

Increments take place in August. Unless you are on the top of your pay scale you will receive an increment in August. Note: you must have been employed for a minimum of six months to qualify for the first increment.

What do I do if I am missing a payment?

Please contact your department in the first instance. They will then contact Payroll on your behalf. All timesheets must be submitted by 1st of the month to guarantee payment on the 25th of that month. Any timesheets received after this date will be processed for the following month.

When is payday?

Payment is made on the 25th of the month. Where the 25th is a non-banking day, payments will credit on the Friday before.

How do I inform you if I have changed my bank details or home address?

To change your bank details, please visit the HR Forms, Policies and Procedures for Staff page on StaffNet and go to the Personal Information heading. To change your bank details, please go to the Hub Online. This will take you directly to the change of bank details form. Please submit the form by the first working day of the month to ensure your details are updated for that payroll. To change your address details, please visit PeopleNet.

We cannot accept these changes over the phone. The deadline is the 3rd of the month for changes in that month.

Note: if a payment has been made to an invalid bank account, the bank should return it. Upon receipt of the returned payment, the University will resubmit it to your newly advised account. The payment cannot be reissued until the original payment is returned and, if the account belongs to someone else, this may take longer than in the case of closed accounts.

Can I get a duplicate P60?

No. However, we can produce a letter stating your End of Year figures. Alternatively, the same figures can be found on your March payslip or your p45.

When will I receive my P60?

P60s are available through ESS to employees between the middle and end of May. Please retain for safe keeping.

Why is the earnings figure on the p60 different to my salary?

Your P60 earnings relate to your taxable earnings (after pension deduction and other non-taxable elements e.g. salary sacrifice childcare vouchers) for the last tax year ending March. During this time you may also have received a pay increase e.g. from August, therefore your earnings at the old rate will be included (April to July) as well as the increased salary (August to March). Your actual salary refers to the gross amount (including pension etc) you are receiving currently from the University.

Why am I on emergency tax?

Only HMRC are able to change tax codes. Please contact HMRC directly. HMRC will update your tax code electronically.

My tax code has changed and I don't think it's right.

Please contact HMRC directly.

I am a student. Why am I paying tax?

Students are subject to normal HMRC Regulations (ie anything over £1,041 per month at 2019/20 rates is taxable).

Why have I had more tax deducted this week/month than last week/month?

There could be a number of reasons.

  • Has your gross pay increased?
  • Has your tax code changed? (Note: it is important to advise HMRC when you move so that they can advise you in writing prior to any changes taking effect)
  • Have you returned from a period of unpaid leave?

What is the phone number and address for the tax office and what is the University's tax reference?

This information is listed on the main Payroll page.

I'm leaving next month, what will happen to my pension?

Upon leaving, the administrators of your pension will be notified by the Payroll Department. The administrators will then contact you with the options available to you. For this reason it is important that HR has your current address on record.

I've started my maternity leave and my pay is different?

Maternity leave is based on the number of working days in a month rather than on 1/12th of your annual salary, as is the case with your normal pay. Therefore your pay will fluctuate.

When will I receive my P45?

P45s are sent out as soon as possible after your final payment has been made.