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Errors on your visa and getting the errors corrected

Once you make a visa application you must ensure that you enter all the details correctly. Failure in doing so may result in having errors on your visa / BRP. Please ensure to check the visa carefully for any errors. Any corrections need to be made as soon as possible, and in some cases within 14 days from when the visa is issued.

When checking for errors please ensure that you for the following:

  • The spelling is correct of your name and surname.
  • Check to see if the way the information is entered is correct (for example, John Smith and not Smith John)
  • The nationality is correct
  • You have the correct working conditions on the visa
  • You have the condition to register with the Police (if you are a national that requires it)
  • The Sponsor License number is correct and reads DF3C0KBC3
Correcting visa errors outside of the UK

If you have applied for your visa from outside the UK and have sufficient time, you should contact the visa application centre and request that the correction is made before travelling to the UK.

If your 30 day entry clearance visa has expired you will not be able to travel to the UK and will need to apply for a new one before travelling to the UK. This will require paying an additional fee.

Correcting visas inside the UK

Entry Clearance vignette visas (inside your passport)

If you have had a visa vignette that was issued inside your passport we would need to send the passport off to the Entry Clearance Officer for them to check and have this corrected. This would involve sending a letter, your passport and a passport sized photos to the office.

This process usually take 6 – 7 weeks to correct and you are not required to pay for this.

BRP card issued by an overseas visa application

If you applied for a visa from your home country and have been issued with a 30 day entry clearance vignette visa. You should be issued with a BRP. If you see an error on your BRP you will need to report this via the Home Office portal.

This requires reporting online to the Home Office and sending the BRP in for correction.

This process may take up to 3- 4 weeks depending on how quickly the BRP can be returned to the Home Office.

There is no charge for this application.

Identity error on BRP (for applications made in the UK)

If your BRP card has been issued following an application made in the UK and there is an error with the conditions, name, date of birth, or nationality the UKVI Compliance and Visas Advisor can help you in getting this amended.

You will need to ensure that you bring the BRP to the Advisor who will send it off to the Home Office to be amended.

Please that you do make any travel arrangements during the time within which your BRP is sent off to be amended.