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Tier 4 Visa student responsibilities

As part of your Tier 4 visa there are certain responsibilities you must adhere to, and by enrolling with St Mary's University you agree to meet these requirements. If you don't, this may affect your immigration status and your ability to stay in the UK. St Mary's University also has a legal duty to report changes in activity to the Home Office, UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI).

As a Tier 4 student, you must:

1. Provide us with your most up to date immigration documentation

We will take copies of your passport and visa during the registration period at St Mary's. If your passport or visa/biometric residence permit expires during your period of study, you must ensure you show us the most up to date version.

2. If you require a visa extension to complete your studies at St Mary’s, you must inform us at least three months before your current visa is due to expire

This will allow us to determine whether it would be appropriate for us to continue sponsoring you, and will give you time to collate the documents required for submitting a new visa application.

3. Keep you contact details up to date

You can ensure your details are up to date by using the Student Self Service, or by emailing changes to your details to You must also inform the UKVI of your change in address; this can be done through their online portal.

4. Register at the start of each academic year of your course

If you are unable to register during the scheduled period, or know that you need to enrol late, inform as soon as possible.

5. Attend all of your lectures and classes and submit assessments by the specified deadlines

As a Tier 4 student visa holder, it is your responsibility to comply with the conditions of your visa. Failure to follow these conditions will result in the university reporting you to the UKVI. You must inform your course tutor if you are going to be absent. The University's requirement is at least an 80% attendance rate and we undertake periodic checks to ensure this standard is met. We want all of our students to do well and by attending your classes, you will improve your chances of success.

6. Leave the UK if you take a leave of absence or withdraw from your course

Once you have informed the University of your intention to interrupt your studies or withdraw, we are required to report this to UKVI.

7. Comply with all of your visa conditions

This includes not working more hours than you are permitted to and/or claiming public funds.

8. Register with the police if required

This requirement will be stated on your visa sticker/biometric residence permit. Don't forget that you will also need to inform the police if and information changes, such as your address or passport.

9. If you need to leave the UK during term time contact your programme director for permission

Ensure you keep a copy of the student verification letter (issued at registration) with you in your hand luggage to present to Border Officers upon your return to the UK. If you require a new student verification letter the request can be emailed to

10. Inform immediately if your immigration status changes

Our responsibilities

To give you an understanding as to why we have established these responsibilities, here is a list of the conditions St Mary's University must meet in order to retain our Tier 4 Sponsor Licence, as set by the Home Office.

Ensure we have a copy of all students' current Tier 4 visa/biometric residence permit and passport

  • Ensure that we have up-to-date contact details for all Tier 4 students
  • Monitor the attendance and course participation of Tier 4 students and report to UKVI any students who fail to meet the Home Office requirements
  • Keep a record of any work placements undertaken by Tier 4 students. This includes the work placement address and the proportion of the course that the placement will take up
  • Notify UKVI of any students who do not register for their programme within the registration period
  • Notify UKVI of any students who interrupt or withdraw from their programme of study
  • Inform UKVI about any significant changes to a student's circumstances or programme of studies (e.g. if a student completes the programme early)
  • Notify UKVI if students change immigration category which do not require a Tier 4 sponsor
  • Inform UKVI if we have reason to believe that students are breaking the conditions of their permission to stay, such as working more hours than permitted