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Laptop Loans

All students can borrow laptops from the St Mary's library for short-term use while on-campus. This service is available free of charge to all St Mary's students. For those who need longer-term loan equipment, please contact us. 

  • The library has 48 laptops available to borrow, 24/7 on a self-service basis.
  • You will need your University ID card to borrow a laptop, and your library account must be in good standing (no overdue items or fines over £20).
  • Laptops are available on a first come, first served basis and cannot be booked in advance.
  • Library laptops are loaned for 24 hours. If you need a laptop for longer than this then you must return the device for charging and then borrow another.
  • We have a limited number of laptops with additional assistive software installed. Please ask staff for assistance if you require one of these devices.

If you need assistance with any of the below, help is available from our staff.

Laptop loan machines are available in the following locations:

  • Library ground floor at the rear of the building
  • Library first floor in the IT1 computer room.
  • Go to one of the laptop loan machines in the library buildings.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to borrow and return a laptop.
  • Take the assigned laptop and charger from the machine locker.
  • Log on to the laptop with your usual St Mary's IT account.   
  • When you have finished, return to the machine and follow the instructions on-screen to return the laptop.
  • Remember to plug the laptop into the machine when you return it or it will not be removed from your account and you may be charged late return fines.
  • You are responsible for following the Laptop Loan Rules (these are detailed on the screen when you borrow a laptop).
  • You must return the laptop on time or you will be fined £1 per hour.
  • If you lose or damage a library laptop then you will be liable to pay the full replacement cost (in excess of £500).

Some students may be eligible to loan equipment from the university to use while they are studying.

Please take a look at the Digital Equality IT Loan Scheme to see if you are eligible.

Short-Term Loan Laptops

The library laptops are already set up to connect to the University wireless network. You will need to log in to the laptop in the same way as you do on a library desktop PC. Please note: These laptops are not configured to automatically work away from campus.

Long-Term Loan Laptops

To connect to the St Mary's Wi-Fi network using a long term loan laptop, please see our guidance for connecting to Wi-Fi.

You should save your work regularly to your home drive, a USB stick or to your own cloud storage (Dropbox, OneDrive etc). Do not save files onto the laptop itself - all files or data saved on the short term laptops are automatically deleted when you log out. 

Short-Term Loan Laptops

You can print directly from any short-term loan laptop available from the library.

Long-Term Loan Laptops

If you would like to print using a long-term loan laptop, please:

  • log into Outlook with your student email address (
  • attach the file you want to print to a new email
  • send the email to
  • check the Canon MFD printers around campus - the document should be in your print queue.