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St Mary's curriculum (including coverage of Core Content Framework)

St Mary’s University is proud to support students to become the next generation of outstanding teachers.

We collaborate closely with schools and mentors to deliver the Core Content Framework to ensure students are able to make progress against the Teachers’ Standards in an environment which encourages self-reflection and excellence.

St Mary’s ITT Partnership serves to prepare its students to be outstanding teachers, to lead flourishing lives, have successful careers and a social commitment through excellent, research-enriched teaching. This is framed within a strong community of mutual respect based on our Catholic ethos and identity.

Four core values define St Mary’s and underpin all we do as a University.

  1. Inclusiveness: We celebrate differences, recognising that everyone is born with a unique identity. St Mary’s is a place where students and staff can reach their full potential and make a positive contribution to society.
  2. Generosity of spirit: Our generosity of spirit sets us apart. It can be seen in the encouragement, collegiality, empathy, helpfulness and service to be found across the University.
  3. Respect: We respect everybody. We treat everyone as we ourselves would want to be treated.
  4. Excellence: We strive to be the best at everything we do. We seek professionalism through setting high standards and continuous improvement in all our practices and work.

The ITT programmes at St Mary’s not only serve therefore to prepare outstanding students for a career in teaching, but also offer and service the professional development requirements of those seeking leadership roles.

The visiting members of staff who support trainees on school experience and liaise with colleagues in partnership schools are called Link Tutors (LTs). LTs play a vital role in securing and maintaining good relationships between St Mary’s University and its partnership schools.

The vision for St Mary’s Outstanding ITT Partnership is to:

  • promote passion in teaching and learning, and make a significant contribution to the learning of pupils
  • develop Early Career Teachers who are highly confident and competent in subject and pedagogical knowledge, and who are ready to meet the challenging circumstances of today and to anticipate and shape those of tomorrow
  • develop critically reflective practitioners who are committed to their own continual professional learning.

Our curriculum (including coverage of CCF)

St Mary's provides training for Mentors and PCMs specifically on the ITT Core Content Framework (CCF), valuable to those mentoring trainee teachers and Early Career Teachers.

Teacher training and career progression

Teacher training and a teacher's career development are supported by a number of frameworks and standards. Quick links to the government's documents are provided below, and further guidance and explanation from St Mary's can be found within the Mentor Training Zone.