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We have had to make some changes to how you access the sports facilties. 

Online Booking FAQ's

When registering, if you are an existing member or have had a membership at Sport St.Mary's at any point in the past. Select 'I'm an existing Fitness and Conditioning Suite member... But i need to create an online account'

You will need to use the same email address you gave us when you signed up.

There are a few reasons why you are recieving an error message when you are trying to sign up:

  • Double check the email address you are entering is the one you gave us when you signed up, if you have changed your email address since please contact us so we can update your account
  • There is a chance in the rush to get you in the gym that we entered your first name and surname the wrong way around. So try entering your firstname in the surname box.
  • Passwords require a special character to proceed (eg.£&$^%#) as well as numbers and both upper and lower case letters.

Gym members can book 3 days in advance of the day you are making the booking. 

This could mean that your membership has lapsed or there is a bug in the system. Try clearing your cache/cookies from the browser or using a different web browser when accessing the online booking system. 

If this doesn't work, please do not pay the displayed amount, contact us and we can fix the issue for you.

It is really important that the contact information we hold for you is kept up-to-date for the purposes of Track and Trace. This can be updated from the 'Update my Track and Trace details' button from the homepage of the online booking sytem once you have logged in.