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Level 4 Award in Nutrition - RSPH (QCF)


The Level 4 Award in Nutrition – RSPH (QCF) course is designed and delivered by our team of dietitians and nutritionists who have worked in both the NHS and within academia. The course has been created by the RSPH for those who require an understanding of nutrition and diet, and their effect on health.

This nutrition course is particularly relevant for you if you work in the health, fitness or catering professions. It is also relevant if you work to promote healthy eating or in the preparation of meals, menus, and diets.

Whilst enrolled on the Level 4 course you will study the nutritional requirements for a healthy diet, the effect of diet on health, and the importance of hydration.

This award is a component of both the Level 4 Certificate in Nutrition for Physical Activity in Sport, and the Level 4 Certificate in Nutrition for Institutional Food Services. You can register to attend an additional weekend course to achieve one of these qualifications.

St Mary's Level 4 Nutrition course was extremely useful to my new career. I managed to find work straight away.

Dates and times

This course is blended and has a combination of online self-study and two full days on campus which includes a practical session in our nutrition kitchen. The online components of the course include videos, slides, quizzes, and tasks for you to complete.

The two days on-site are from 9.00am-5.30pm on and you can choose from date options that start in September 2024, November 2024 and February 2025:

  • Saturday 28th September 2024 and Saturday 26th October 2024
  • Saturday 16th November 2024 and Saturday 14th December 2024
  • Saturday 1st February 2025 and Saturday 1st March 2025.

You will receive access to the online course two weeks prior to the first on-site date so you can fully prepare. This course takes approximately 50 hours to complete and you will be required to work through the online classes independently between the first and second sessions on campus.


The full cost is £600. The deposit cost is £50. 


Whilst enrolled upon the nutrition course you will study the following topics:

  • physiological functions and dietary sources of macro and micronutrients
  • hydration, dietary requirements and food choices of individuals throughout life
  • components of energy consumption and expenditure
  • energy, hydration and nutrient requirements at different lifetime stages
  • factors that affect nutrient requirements in relation to social, cultural, religious, and ethnic groups
  • effects of diet on health
  • relationship between diet and disease
  • possible dietary influences for different groups
  • legislation as it relates to labelling and advertising of food
  • food labelling requirements
  • legal requirements in relation to health claims and nutrition claims.

Course assessment

This course is assessed via a written assignment. 


To enrol on this Level 4 Award in Nutrition course you must be 18-years-old or over. It is recommended that learners should have achieved a level of education equivalent to five GCSEs at grades A*-C. Exemptions may be made for adult returners with relevant experience.


Upon successful completion of this course candidates will be awarded a Level 4 Award Certificate in Nutrition from The Royal Society for Public Health.

For more information about this course please contact the Short Courses team: