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The Accreditation scheme has been set up by UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) as they recognise that universities such as St Mary’s have a significant role to play in the sporting landscape and can exert influence on the attitude and behaviour of the next generation of sports people.

Universities are key in promoting healthy lifestyles, nurturing and developing sporting achievement among the students they educate or train, none-more so than St Mary’s. As a hub of sporting activity with huge success and a large number of sporting students, engagement with UAS is an opportunity to reach the future generation of athletes and more importantly, coaches, medical staff and other athlete support personnel (ASP). 

The UAS recognises the positive work that St Mary’s does to promote clean sport and reflects UKAD’s culture, policies, practices and education. It is a robust programme which demands high standards. Gaining accreditation will be challenging and St Mary’s is aiming for elite accreditation, which is the top tier and highest available.

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