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If you are interested in supporting the work of SHOCC or getting involved in any way, contact Chair of Trustees Dr Kevin Cook

Alternatively, you can speak to one of the Chaplaincy team at St Mary's on 020 8240 4002 or join the SHOCC Facebook group.

SHOCC launches new volunteering programme

Now in its 48th year SHOCC is delighted to announce the launch of a new volunteering programme for recent alumni and current St Mary’s University students. The Trustees of the Catenian Bursary fund have kindly agreed to provide a £2,000 annual bursary to be administered by SHOCC.

SHOCC Trustees have selected one of our projects, Orkilili Secondary school, mid-way between Moshi and Arusha in Tanzania as home to the volunteer(s). We have been supporting Orkilili for several years and have seen it grow from an empty field to a thriving institution. Trustees regularly visit the school and we have a positive and trusting relationship with the Headteacher, Mama Yohana Mcha.

We have sent volunteers to Orkilili in the past and know what an impact they can have both on the school and themselves. The school is developing vocational training as well as achieving academic excellence so a wide range of skills are required of volunteers. As well as helping to deliver formal lessons across the curriculum, volunteers can also help with extra-curricular activities which include sport, tailoring, cooking, electrical engineering, auto-repair and agriculture. We are looking for enthusiastic individuals willing to contribute to learning across the school.

We have arranged for secure accommodation and transport to and from the school will be provided each day. There will be opportunities for travel around Tanzania.

The SHOCC Trustees are looking for one and possibly two volunteers for 2019. The dates of the one-month placement will be negotiated between the volunteer and the school. Applicants need to fit in with Catenian selection criteria. They should be between the ages of 16 and 25 and be a Catholic.

For more information please see

The SHOCC Trustees will require the volunteer(s) to complete a short report on their return in the form of a written, video and/or verbal presentation. This may take the form of a presentation given to a local Catenian circle or church group. 

For further information please contact Dr Kevin Cook, SHOCC Chair of Trustees and check out our website at