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What might your university faith journey involve?

Moving from school, college or work to university marks a big change even if you do not physically move to campus. Study generates questions about 'myself', meeting other students raises questions of aspiration as to what life holds 'for me'. 

Sometimes these questions raise bigger issues, and university is a privileged period in which to develop your life of faith, and explore your family tradition of faith. The Chaplaincy helps you achieve these ends, by supporting students of faith and creating a culture of dialogue and friendship amongst the student and staff body. 

This includes providing places of worship and prayer, signposts to student faith societies, working with the SU on matters of common interest, seeing in academic study a way into the soul, and providing a place of meeting. 

The Chaplain organises a regular set of meeting for those who wish to baptised, or be confirmed or become a catholic. Please contact the Chaplaincy.

The Sisters of the Assumption

The Sisters of the Assumption are a female religious order, whose members live and pray together in communities, committed to the Christian education of young people in the Church. The mission of the Twickenham Community is to be a praying presence here at St Mary’s, and to run a small house for female students.

The Sisters regularly organise a variety of events. Please check our term cards for the latest information.

University Faith societies 

Currently the Chaplaincy supports three student faith societies whose remit is to provide for worship, encounter and friendship amongst students. They manage their own affairs in liaison with the Chaplain and details of their activities may be found below:

St Mary's University CathSoc

St Mary’s University Christian Union

Islamic Society and the Sisters' Circle