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Our worship spaces


Located in a prime location, the Chaplaincy building faces the Piazza opposite the Library under the large church and at right angles to the refectory. The Chaplaincy consists of a common room and small kitchen for student use, along with Fr Peter’s office and two occasional workspaces. The Chaplaincy administrator, works here every weekday and keeps the building open for student use every weekday from 9am to 4pm.

University Chapel 

Dominating the west side of the Piazza, the Chapel sits on top of the Library. Here, Sunday and weekday Masses are celebrated each day – weekday Mass at 1:05pm and Sunday Mass at 11am. Many of the University’s larger functions take place here, including some graduations, concerts and lectures.

The Crypt Chapel 

Underneath the main Chapel, the Crypt is a smaller, more contemplative, sacred space for Mass and communal prayer. The space is much used by students and staff who wish for some quite prayer during the day.

Chapel in the Wood

This chapel sits adjacent to the Chaplaincy building and was originally situated at the furthest corner of Horace Walpole’s wooded garden that surrounded the house. The front of it is the exact reproduction of a medieval chapel in Salisbury Cathedral.

Inside, the Chapel in the Wood contains a statue of Our Lady of Strawberry Hill, some frescoes by an Irish artist, and a stained-glass window donated by former Irish students.

Meditation room 

St. Vincent de Paul Meditation Room, located on a mezzanine floor, is a small sacred space provided by St. Mary’s University Chaplaincy as a non-denominational place for prayer, quiet and meditation. This space is accessed either through the basement chapel (the Crypt) or via the right-hand staircase at the head of the chapel.

Islamic prayer room 

The Islamic prayer room is located in the old building near the entrance hallway (reception). Please follow the signs. There are two adjacent male and female places for worship, along with washing facilities, noticeboards and prayer mats.