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Useful resources on Mentoring at St Mary's University

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A Guide to these Materials & How to Use them

We hope these materials will save you a lot of time!

These materials have been compiled by the Mentoring at St Mary’s working group. They have been designed to support anyone at the University looking to establish a new mentoring programme, or to enhance an existing mentoring initiative – and are in place to help ensure an equality of student experience across different mentoring initiatives. In these materials, you will find key information and practical advice based on the lived experiences and expertise of staff members involved in various mentoring initiatives at St Mary’s.   

In addition to the structured guidance, you will find a wealth of resources, including examples of training packs, booklets, and timelines for mentors and mentees, as well as impact evaluations – all of which can be used for your inspiration, or in some cases directly lifted/adapted for your purposes. We have also provided a list of key contacts to support you in specific areas.    

Read through the contents in the materials here to find what you’re looking for – and if you have any general questions about these materials, or would like specific feedback/advice on your mentoring work, please get in touch at  

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