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Host a trainee teacher

Our Partnership schools are invaluable. Find out more about hosting a St Mary's trainee in your school.

St Mary's University have a broad and varied network of over 600 Partnership schools, which offers our trainees the opportunity to learn from expert colleagues in their settings. Our schools play a significant role, not only in the support of our trainees on school experience, but also in the development of our provision and their involvement in our recruitment processes. As such, St Mary's is committed to the ongoing professional development of mentors by offering a range of resources and training to support staff in our Partnership schools. 

Why host a St Mary's trainee?

We are passionate about developing the next generation of teachers who are well prepared for their future role in the classroom. The St Mary's curriculum is rigorous and comprehensive to ensure they are equipped for practice in their chosen discipline and this is reflected in their professional practice. 

"Trainees... are therefore relentlessly reflective, highly committed professional colleagues who care deeply about providing the best quality of education they can for their pupils." - Ofsted, 2018


If you would like to host a trainee teacher, please contact St Mary’s Partnership Office.  

For primary placements – (

For secondary placements – Michi Penrice and Jackie Higgins (
We welcome placements in secondary English, maths, history, maths, MFL, PE, RE and science.