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The Realist Research Cluster at St Mary’s University brings together academics who are undertaking work in critical realism, realist evaluation or other realist inspired strands. 

About us:   

We aim to produce interdisciplinary outputs which are of benefit to both policy makers and practitioners and seek to explain, in causal terms, what is going on in the social world.  While more traditional research designs might seek to understand, ‘what works?’ or ‘does it work?’, we are keen to ask the question, ‘what works for whom, under which circumstances and why?’ (Pawson and Tiley, 1997, Pawson, 2006, Pawson 2013) and in turn, deliver contextually rich 'knowledge for action’.

Current Projects:

While currently undertaking work in the fields of coach education, health and higher education we are open to and encourage colleagues to join the cluster from all corners of the university.  Below you can find more detail of ongoing realist research projects.