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Everybody Loves Francis? British Catholics' 'job approval' ratings of the Pope

everybody-loves-francisPope Francis was elected Bishop of Rome on 13th March 2013. Seven years on, his has been an eventful and often controversial papacy. Since the day of his election, Pope Francis’ words, actions, and gestures have been endlessly raked over by pundits and commentators.

Yet much more rarely heard are the views of ordinary Catholics who, in Britain, make up c. 8% of the adult population (BSA 2018) – or roughly 4 million British adults.

In this short report, we present findings from a new nationally representative survey of self-identified Catholics in England, Wales and Scotland, administered by Savanta ComRes in late 2019 (n = 1823). Among much else, this survey reveals for the first time how Britain’s Catholics really feel about Pope Francis.

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