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Understanding Unbelief: Atheists and agnostics around the world

This report presents emerging findings from the coreresearch project of the Understanding Unbelief programme (2017-2020).

Understanding Unbelief: Across Disciplinesand Across Cultures (ADAC) seeks to map the nature anddiversity of the varied phenomena traditionally – albeit problematically and contestedly (see below) – labelled as ‘unbelief’, across different national settings.

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This multi-year research programme is motivated by the growing public, scholarly, and media interest in atheism, nonreligion, and secularity, fueled by the growing proportions of religious ‘nones’ and ‘unbelievers’ in many countries, the flourishing of secularist activism and nonreligious cultures such as ‘New Atheism’, and urgent policy debates around the status and rights of atheists, agnostics, humanists, and related groups.