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The Centre for the Study of Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity (CJCA) benefits from a world-renowned group of international and interdisciplinary internal and external affiliates. These affiliates are committed to the scholarly endeavours of CJCA and function as a pool or resources for research students.

Media enquiries

If you would like to arrange to speak to one of our academics please contact our Press Office Team:

Internal Affiliates

Prof Chris Keith

Director of CJCA and Research Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity
Tel: 020 8240 4159
Specialist areas: New Testament; historical Jesus; social/cultural memory; Jewish and Christian scribal culture; literacy and textuality

Dr Peary Brug

Psychology Programme Director
Tel: 020 8240 4342
Specialist areas: social psychology; group identity; research methods

Dr Elisabetta Canetta

Senior Lecturer in Physics
Specialist areas: theology and physics of time, philosophical natural theology, theoretical physics and theology, transcendence of mathematics, rehabilitation bioengineering

Prof James Crossley

Professor of Bible, Society, and Politics
James' blog
Specialist areas: historical Jesus; Jewish law; reception history; social history of contemporary scholarship; the Bible and religion in contemporary political discourse

Dr Mark Donnelly

Senior Lecturer and Teaching Fellow - History
Tel: 020 8240 4080
Specialist areas: historiography; memory theory; 1960s Britain

External Affiliates

Prof Philip Esler

University of Gloucestershire, UK
Specialist areas: Social-scientific interpretation of biblical and extra-biblical texts; Bible and theology; 1 Enoch; Dead Sea legal papyri; Bible and the visual arts
Philip's profile

Dr Daniel M. Gurtner

Louisville, KY
Specialist areas: Gospels (esp. Gospel of Matthew) and Judaic Contexts; Epistle of James; Second Temple Judaism
Daniel's personal website

Dr Davina Grojnowski

Frankfurt, Germany
Specialist areas: Josephus, Second Temple Judaism, Envy and Emotions, Roman Empire, Evolution of Religion
Davina's personal website

Dr Charles Halton

Louisville, KY
Specialist areas: Hebrew prophets; Old Testament Theology; Mespotamian studies; women in the ancient world; scribal culture
Charles' personal website

Prof Louise Lawrence

University of Exeter, UK
Specialist areas: Gospels, esp. Gospel of Matthew; ethnography; cultural anthropology; disability studies
Louise's profile

Dr Anthony Le Donne

United Theological Seminary, USA
Specialist areas: historical Jesus; historiography; memory theory; Jewish/Christian dialogue
Anthony's blog

Prof Amy-Jill Levine

Vanderbilt Divinity School, USA

Specialist areas: Historical Jesus; Gospels; Second Temple Judaism; Jewish-Christian dialogue; Bible, women, gender, and sexuality
Amy-Jill's profile 

Dr Paul Middleton

University of Chester, UK
Specialist areas: New Testament; martyrdom; Gospels; Revelation
Paul's profile

Dr Bennie Reynolds

Charleston, SC USA
Specialist areas: Hebrew Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls, Ancient and Modern Apocalypticism
Bennie's blog

Prof Rafael Rodríguez

Johnson University, USA
Specialist areas: ancient media culture; Gospel of Luke; historical Jesus; memory theory
Raphael's blog

Dr Sarah Rollens

Rhodes College, USA
Specialist areas: Christian origins, social theories of religion, scribalism in the Roman Empire, ancient identity formation, violence in the Bible, and Synoptic Gospels/Q 
Sarah's personal website

Prof Anders Runesson

University of Oslo, Norway
Specialist areas: synagogues; Gospel of Matthew; historical Jesus; Jewish context of early Christianity; Paul
Anders' personal website

Prof Cynthia Shafer-Elliott

William Jessup University, USA
Specialist Areas: Hebrew Bible, Archaeology and Cultural Context of Ancient Israel
Cynthia's profile

Dr Ruth Sheridan

Oxford University, UK/Sydney University, Australia
Specialist areas: Gospel of John; anti-Judaism in the Bible; use of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament in the New Testament
Ruth's profile

Dr Minna Shkul

Sheffield University, UK
Specialist areas: deutero-Pauline epistles; second century Christianity; social identity
Minna's profile

Prof Christopher Skinner

Loyola University Chicago, USA
Specialist areas: Gospel of John; Gospel of Thomas; Gospel of Mark; narrative criticism
Christopher's personal website | Christopher's blog

Dr Katherine Southwood

Oxford University, UK
Specialist areas:
 Ezra-Nehemiah; Judges; interdisciplinary approaches to the Hebrew Bible; cultural anthropology
Katherine's profile

Dr Mikael Tellbe

Örebro School of Theology, Sweden
Specialist areas: Paul, Pauline literature; social identity
Mikael's profile

Prof Brian Tucker

Moody Theological Seminary (USA)
Specialist areas: social-scientific criticism; social identity; Pauline studies; 1 Corinthians; Jewish setting for the earliest Christ-movement; post-supersessionism; theological anthropology
Brian's profile

Dr Jacqueline Vayntrub

Yale Divinity School
Specialist areas: Hebrew Bible, wisdom literature, poetics, ancient literary theory
Jacqueline's profile

Prof Tommy Wasserman

Ansgar Teologiske Høgskole, Norway/Örebro School of Theology, Sweden
Specialist areas: New Testament textual criticism; palaeography; Hebrews; Catholic Letters; History of reception
Tommy's profile