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The Centre for Social Innovation and Global Public Service is an inter-disciplinary institute of excellence focused on civic and public leadership, innovation, management and policy challenges of our time most especially in pursuit of more inclusive economies and societies.

Centre Director: Prof Francis Davis



It is our conviction that this generation - and the emerging generations - of ‘public servants’ will need to be more creative than ever before, more innovative than ever before, more inter-disciplinary than ever before, more able to cross boundaries of class, space and formal power than ever before, and be more agile than ever before in identifying needs, mobilising opportunities and managing change. This vision of ‘public service’ includes and cherishes the public sector but is not confined to it.

We are sceptical of Austrian economics, the primacy of capital over persons and extreme social conservatism seeking a preferential focus at the bottom of the economic pyramid and with and for those shut out by failed markets, inequalities based on gender, ethnicity or disability and radical individualisms. We are also sceptical of mass produced bureaucracy and monopoly whether emerging from the private or public sectors or civil society.

Attentive to diplomacy, politics, culture, institutions, leadership, scarcity of resources and new and dynamic approaches to community, public, social and other investment we want to unlock fresh ideas, talents and approaches to change. This is underpinned by a conviction that ideas should have consequences , research impacts and education life changing consequences.



We undertake academic and applied research to understand pressing needs, to critical assess organisational, diplomatic, political and policy challenges

Education and Training

We have a new suite of specially designed graduate and undergraduate programmes with others in the pipeline. We will run executive programmes and short courses.


We work with organisations to respond to their public service needs and strategic challenges.