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The Centre for the Social-Scientific Study of the Bible (CSSSB) benefits from a world-renowned group of international and interdisciplinary internal and external affiliates. These affiliates are committed to the scholarly endeavours of CSSSB and function as a pool or resources for research students.

Media enquiries

For media enquiries, please contact our Communications and Public Engagement Manager, Sam Yarnold, by emailing or calling 020 8240 8262.

Internal Affiliates

Prof Chris Keith

Director of CSSSB and Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity
Tel: 020 8240 4159
Specialist areas: New Testament; historical Jesus; social/cultural memory; Jewish and Christian scribal culture; literacy and textuality

Peary Brug

Psychology Programme Director
Tel: 020 8240 4342
Specialist areas: social psychology; group identity; research methods

Prof James Crossley

Professor of Bible, Society, and Politics
Specialist areas: historical Jesus; Jewish law; reception history; social history of contemporary scholarship; the Bible and religion in contemporary political discourse

Dr Mark Donnelly

Teaching Fellow - History
Tel: 020 8240 4080
Specialist areas: historiography; memory theory; 1960s Britain

External Affiliates

Prof Philip Esler

University of Gloucestershire, UK
Specialist areas: Social-scientific interpretation of biblical and extra-biblical texts; Bible and theology; 1 Enoch; Dead Sea legal papyri; Bible and the visual arts

Dr Daniel M. Gurtner

Louisville, KY
Specialist areas: Gospels (esp. Gospel of Matthew) and Judaic Contexts; Epistle of James; Second Temple Judaism
Personal website

Dr Charles Halton

Louisville, KY
Specialist areas: Hebrew prophets; Old Testament Theology; Mespotamian studies; women in the ancient world; scribal culture
Personal website

Dr Louise Lawrence

University of Exeter, UK
Specialist areas: Gospels, esp. Gospel of Matthew; ethnography; cultural anthropology; disability studies

Dr Anthony Le Donne

United Theological Seminary, USA
Specialist areas: historical Jesus; historiography; memory theory; Jewish/Christian dialogue

Dr Paul Middleton

University of Chester, UK
Specialist areas: New Testament; martyrdom; Gospels; Revelation

Dr Bennie Reynolds

Charleston, SC USA
Specialist areas: Hebrew Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls, Ancient and Modern Apocalypticism

Prof Rafael Rodríguez

Johnson University, USA
Specialist areas: ancient media culture; Gospel of Luke; historical Jesus; memory theory

Dr Sarah Rollens

Rhodes College, USA
Specialist areas: Christian origins, social theories of religion, scribalism in the Roman Empire, ancient identity formation, violence in the Bible, and Synoptic Gospels/Q 
Personal website

Prof Anders Runesson

University of Oslo, Norway
Specialist areas: synagogues; Gospel of Matthew; historical Jesus; Jewish context of early Christianity; Paul
Personal website

Prof Cynthia Shafer-Elliott

William Jessup University, USA
Specialist Areas: Hebrew Bible, Archaeology and Cultural Context of Ancient Israel

Dr Ruth Sheridan

Oxford University, UK/Sydney University, Australia
Specialist areas: Gospel of John; anti-Judaism in the Bible; use of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament in the New Testament

Dr Minna Shkul

Sheffield University, UK
Specialist areas: deutero-Pauline epistles; second century Christianity; social identity

Prof Christopher Skinner

University of Mount Olive, USA
Specialist areas: Gospel of John; Gospel of Thomas; Gospel of Mark; narrative criticism
Personal website | Blog

Dr Katherine Southwood

Oxford University, UK
Specialist areas:
 Ezra-Nehemiah; Judges; interdisciplinary approaches to the Hebrew Bible; cultural anthropology

Dr Mikael Tellbe

Örebro School of Theology, Sweden
Specialist areas: Paul, Pauline literature; social identity

Prof Brian Tucker

Moody Theological Seminary (USA)
Specialist areas: social-scientific criticism; social identity; Pauline studies; 1 Corinthians; Jewish setting for the earliest Christ-movement; post-supersessionism; theological anthropology

Prof Tommy Wasserman

Ansgar Teologiske Høgskole, Norway/Örebro School of Theology, Sweden
Specialist areas: New Testament textual criticism; palaeography; Hebrews; Catholic Letters; History of reception