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Social justice is that form of justice by which the common good of the whole society is promoted, enabling all individuals and groups in society to reach fulfilment and live a good and virtuous life free from political, economic, and religious oppression and unjust discrimination.

Our colleagues working in this research pillar will be involved inseveral different fields of research, including but not limited to:

  • Education and healthcare for those suffering severe challenges, such as refugees and trafficked people
  • Environmental concerns
  • Trafficking and modern slavery
  • Informing and investing in communities through knowledge exchange
  • Identification of key social and environmental priorities locally and nationally/internationally
  • Compassion and care in life and death.

This pillar will involve those working in Faculty of Business and Law and the Faculty of Education, Theology and the Arts, along with those with those working in the Faculty of Sport, Technology and Health Sciences, especially in relation to issues such as ethics in sport (including drug taking) and the interface of allied health and ethics. They will develop applied research, working with stakeholders such as charities, NGOs, other academic institutions, religious groups, think tanks and government organisations in areas where social justice is absent, under threat, or could be better promoted.