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We achieve this using a combination of general and specific methods, which will enable you to better utilise your body to optimise force production capabilities through your sports skill, maximising performance and reducing the likelihood of injury.

In addition, your strength and conditioning coach can work with information from your physiologist and physiotherapist to develop conditioning programmes aimed at injury prevention and improved physiological function. 

As well as our standard services outlined below, we can devise and deliver bespoke workshops and advice for individuals, groups and teams according to your needs. Just contact Sport & Health Services to discuss your requirements.

Basic screening/testing battery - from £50

What can I Expect?
  • Strength testing using basic testing tools such as the jump mat, GymAware, 1RM testing, etc.
  • Basic report showing results Vs normative data.

Consultation and advanced tailored performance analysis – from £100

What can I Expect?

A basic tests plus:

  • Strength testing using state-of-the art equipment such as force plates, isokinetic dynamometer, encoders, speed cells, etc.
  • Detailed report showing strengths/weaknesses/improvement strategy advice.

Individual Coaching Session

  • 45 minutes: from £50
  • 60 minutes: from £60
What can I expect?

Follow up visit from prior coaching programme or screening. The main goal is to teach exercises and improve technique.

Full strength & conditioning programme (Five sessions) - from £250 (weekdays only, 9am-6pm)

What can I expect?
  • Screening/testing session, with a detailed analysis providing a final report.
  • Four 45-minute coaching sessions
  • Detailed programme to follow on your own

Group coaching session (weekdays only, 9am-6pm)

  • Up to three participants: from £100
  • Up to six participants: from £200

Group sessions a great for sport-specific training, such as training for runners/swimmers/tennis players/basketball.

What can I Expect?
  • Basic field-based testing
  • Coaching and advice in relation to a given discipline and based on the field-based basic tests

Please note: there may be a surcharge for peak times and out of hour bookings.