Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) Courses

We are providing Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) courses in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics for individuals who have obtained a place on an ITT course but need to improve their subject knowledge before starting their training. It is a requirement that you are in receipt of a conditional training place offer subject to successful completion of such a course. The conditional training place (on an initial teacher training route) provides funding for the course and an additional bursary for personal expenses.


Mathematics subject knowledge and enhancement course for 8 and 16 weeks will be available to register for from September 2015. For further information contact

This course will focus on some aspects of Key Stage 4 of the National Curriculum, some core components of AS/A2, including the three applications modules:

  • Statistics
  • Mechanics and
  • Decision mathematics

The course will encourage collaborative work and there will be some self-study time, working independently or in small groups on coursework set by the course tutors.

Chemistry and Physics

We are offering an eight, twelve and twenty-four week distance learning SKE which includes two weeks practical laboratory work at Charterhouse School.  A team of experienced teacher practitioners with a wealth of experience from working in secondary education will oversee the course.

Registration will open in October 2015. For further details and application forms for any of the above courses, please contact Elizabeth Jackson, Recruitment and Enterprise Officer: