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Previous equality, diversity and inclusion events

Wednesday 11th October 2023
Grassroots Organisations and Girls' Education

This presentation will draw on empirical research exploring the impact of a grassroots microfinance organisation on women’s lives and girls’ education in rural Bihar, India. It will explore intersecting barriers to girls’ education including class, caste and gender and how activism within grassroots organisations can move forward social change in relation to these inequalities and barriers.

Wednesday 8th March 2023
International Women’s Day 2023

You are invited to join the Women’s Network for an exciting event to celebrate International Women’s Day 2023.

Monday 11th July 2022
South Asian Heritage Month: Transindia documentary screening and conversation with filmmaker Meera Darji

To mark South Asian Heritage Month, St Mary’s University is hosting a screening of Meera Darji’s award-winning Documentary ‘Transindia’. Following the screening, Shabana Marshall and Lisa Panford will be in conversation with Filmmaker Meera Darji to discuss the documentary and journey in making the piece.

Wednesday 24th November 2021
Athena SWAN Workshop: Gendered Language: Why We Need Deliberate Disruption

Athena SWAN Workshop: Gendered Language: Why We Need Deliberate Disruption Join Vivienne Porritt, Leadership Consultant and Strategic Leader of #WomenEd, and Dr Jane Chambers, Chair of the Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team at St Mary's, for a workshop discussion on Gendered language. Gendered language covers the way we talk about ourselves as well as the way others talk about us and to us. We’ll explore these issues and how we can change the language and its impact.

Tuesday 2nd November 2021
Disabled Student's Network

Please email if you would like to attend and any agenda items you would like to be mentioned in the meeting.

Tuesday 2nd November 2021
Updated Disabled Student's Network

Dear Students, This is a reminder that November’s Disabled Student’s Network Meeting is taking place Tuesday 2nd November at 5pm via Zoom. Zoom details are below: Topic: DSN November Time: Nov 2, 2021 05:00 PM London Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 883 7540 3904 Passcode: 076023 If you would like any further information or a copy of previous meeting minutes please email

Monday 25th October 2021
Honouring our Ancestors Talk with Dr Peary Brug

Join Dr Peary Brug for his Honouring our Ancestors talk as part of Black History Month – Monday 25 October at 12pm. Zoom link here. Last year after being asked to consider a presentation for Black History month, I thought about something that had always been at the back of my mind…and as a result, I put together a presentation that was meant as an acknowledgement to my ancestors who were slaves. In many ways the silence about slavery, the lack of discussion on the topic and so forth by myself was a slight on my part to my ancestors. Was I meant to be ashamed of the indignity they suffered, was I meant to think that it would be better for me to forget the past and focus on the future? However, I see that the future is shaped by the present and rooted in the past. If I don’t have a past, then I don’t have a present and therefore no future. Ironically, since that presentation last year, the US formally recognised 19 June (1865) as Emancipation Day for the slaves in the US. Ironically, in the UK the equivalent day 1 August (1834) is not recognised. An online petition to do so in 2018 only garnered 209 signatures and a second attempt in 2020 garnered just over 3000 signatures… I would say this is not a lack of interest but more a lack of awareness and public notice of the petition. Maybe in the wake of the BLM movement here in the UK this petition may be reconsidered… In that respect I will look to discuss the British Slave Trade, exploring the strength of the people who endured great inhumanity so that today’s African Caribbeans (and my niece and nephew) can look to create a future in honour of their ancestors. Topic: Honouring our Ancestors - Black History Month talk Time: Oct 25, 2021 12:00 PM London Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 858 1627 5057 Passcode: 663122

Monday 18th - Saturday 30th October 2021
Black History is Our History

Artwork by St Mary's students and students in local schools that celebrates Black history and culture

Friday 15th October 2021
Black History Month: 'Our Stories' Poetry Night

Two professional poets will be joining St Mary's students to give a workshop on how to write poems.

Wednesday 13th - Sunday 31st October 2021
Let's Talk About Race

Join members of the Race Equality Charter Self-Assessment Team (SAT) for the first of a series of conversations about race.

Monday 11th October 2021
Black History Month: Black's Can't Swim the Sequel Screening

A screening and Q&A with Ed Accura, the writer of 'Black's Can't Swim the Sequel'

Friday 8th October 2021
Black Lives Matter: One Year On Conversation

Join the BAME Staff & Student Networks, in partnership with the Vice Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer, for a reflective conversation on the year that has passed since the murder of George Floyd and the tremendous impact of the Black Lives Matter movement globally and here at St Mary's.

Wednesday 21st July 2021
South Asian Heritage Month: Heritage and Belonging

To mark South Asian Heritage Month, staff will meet to discuss what South Asian Heritage means to them