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LGBTQ+ staffnetwork 
The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer plus staff network aims to improve the experience LGBTQ+ staff have at St Mary's through networking opportunities and social events, as well as by raising awareness of our diverse community.


Please don't feel any pressure to be "out" as LGBTQ+ to join our network or attend our events.  All our colleagues are welcome whatever your sexual orientation or gender identity, including allies. [Note: We do not ask you to disclose your sexual orientation or gender identity].
Please join our mailing list by emailing to receive our e-newsletters with information and updates on what's happening on campus and virtually.


To engage actively with St Mary's University, its staff and students to:

  1. Raise the profile of LGBTQ+ equality across the whole University and work to address any identified inequalities.
  2. Actively influence University practices, policies and strategies to be inclusive of the needs of LGBTQ+ people.
  3. Celebrate LGBTQ+ diversity and promote an inclusive culture for work and study at St Mary's.
  4. Provide support, advice and information on LGBTQ+ matters to all staff, exercising confidentiality as and when appropriate
  5. Raise our external profile as an LGBTQ+ inclusive University, by networking with external LGBTQ+ communities, groups and organisations

New:  St Mary’s Staff Trans & Non-Binary Equality Policy

The St Mary’s Staff Trans & Non-Binary Equality Policy (which we have been working on with HR for some time) was released to all staff in July.

This will be followed up with some Gender Awareness Training in the coming months.

Fyi: The equivalent policy for students will be developed (based on this) by Registry over the coming months.

Dates & Information

International Asexuality Day

IDAHOBIT (International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia & Transphobia)

Lesbian Visibility Week

Non-Binary Week

Bisexual Awareness Week

International Pronouns Day

Transgender Awareness Week

Look out for more information coming to mark key LGBTQ+ dates throughout the year.

Cathedrals Group LGBTQ+ Support Working Group

Sam Goober from HR has recently established this working group, which your co-chairs attended. We had a really interesting first meeting with members from Leeds Trinity, York St John, Gloucestershire and Cumbria universities. 

It was reassuring to hear that despite some common challenges we all face there is some great progress being made.We now have a MS Team for the group through which we can share ideas and information. And we’ve agreed we’ll look for ways to collaborate on events going forward.  

LGBTQ+ Social events?

What sort of social events (if any) would you like the network to organise and where and when?
Please let us know your thoughts.

Rainbow Badges, Laces & Ribbons

We have a small stock of rainbow flag lapel pins for network members.

Wearing one around campus is a good way to increase LGBTQ+ visibility on campus (all be it in a subtle way) and to show colleagues and students that you’re LGBTQ+ or an LGBTQ+ ally.

In addition, rainbow laces are available from Sports St Mary’s Reception and the Widening participation team in J123/J124​. The latter also have rainbow ribbons available.

LGBTQ+ Staff Pulse Survey Report

In 2021, in conjunction with HR, we conducted a Pulse survey to understand the experiences of LGBTQ+ Staff at St Mary's.

The LGBTQ+ Staff Pulse Survey Report summarises the findings of that survey and makes some recommendations for addressing the challenges highlighted in the survey responses. 

The Vice Chancellor and Senior Leadership team are committed to working together with us to progress these recommendations as appropriate. Indeed, work on some of these recommendations is already underway.

Follow us on Twitter

We now have our own Twitter account.  Follow us on:  smu_lgbtq.

Report & Support

If you have, unfortunately, experienced or witnessed instances of bullying, harassment, and misconduct related to protected characteristics (such as sexual orientation or gender identity) at St Mary's, there are now some new resources available to help you as follows:-

The latter is currently a pilot scheme.  So all feedback will be gratefully received and will be used to review and enhance the form/process.

Our Commitment to our LGBTQ+ Students

See St Mary's statement & video of Our Commitment to our LGBTQ+ Students produced by the LGBTQ+ Staff Network and St Mary's Students Union for LGBTQ+ History Month in 2020.

Lunch club

These events are currently suspended. Please watch this space for more information.

  • Every Tuesday in the Refectory from 12pm-1pm.
  • Look for the rainbow flag – and join like-minded colleagues for an informal chat over lunch (b.y.o. lunch) and feel part of the community.

Our history, your future

Read about LGBT people's careers and entrepreneurship stories. How would you like to advance your career at St Mary’s?

The AIDS epidemic and its legacy

Read: Dana Rosenfeld’s moving article on the global AIDS epidemic’s impact on our LGBT community.

Watch: Russell T Davies’ It’s A Sin on Channel 4 which follows the history here in the UK.

LGBT people deserve dignity at work

Check out and share these articles on how to be an ally, how to support trans colleagues, and why it’s still not mission accomplished for LGBT workers in the UK.