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The purpose of our network is to support and empower all those working across the University who identify as women, regardless of grade or job role. We aim to:

  • provide a forum of debate on issue that are pertinent to women in the workplace
  • provide a platform for the voice and views of women within the University to be represented
  • recognise and celebrate the achievements of women at the University
  • contribute to shaping the equality, diversity and inclusion agenda.

The network meets informally a few times per semester and invite internal and external speakers to share their experiences. We also celebrate key events, such as International Women's Day.

As part of our International Women's Day (IWD) Celebrations, the Women’s Staff Network offered staff the opportunity to recognise a female colleague for celebration.

'Use your power to empower' was our theme for this initiative. Colleagues shared their appreciation with a personalised message, knowing it was sent directly to the female nominee on International Women's Day 2024 (8th March 2024).

We are lucky to have so many inspirational women at St Mary's. 

International Women's Day (IWD) 2024 fell on Friday 8th March. We hosted a range of events and celerbations to mark the occassion between 4th to 8th March.

Monday 4th March 2024, 12.30-1.30pm, in the Senior Common Room - Mastering your Menstrual Cycle: Become an Expert in Your Own Body and Mind, with Ellie Jordan (St Mary's graduate).

This workshop covered:

  • what key hormones are at play, and what are their unique qualities and characteristics
  • what impact different hormones have on energy levels, confidence, mental/physical performance, recovery, appetite and craving, sleep, and motivation
  • common symptoms of hormone imbalance in women of reproductive age, and how they can manage them more effectively with nutrition, lifestyle interventions, and a holistic approach to self-care. 

Tuesday 5th March, 1-2pm, in the Dance Studio (Sport St Mary's) - Free yoga session with Sarah.

Wednesday 6th March, 1-2pm, in G3 - Female authors and female stories workshop with Madeleine from St Mary's Library.

We explored a range of books from female authors, and books celebrating female stories. 

Thursday 7th March, 1.30-2.30pm, in The Dolce Vita Cafe - Women's Staff Network informal meeting.

Thursday 7th March, 4-6pm, in G3 - Football and Performance Analysis International Women's Day workshop.

Football and Performance Analysis invited you to celebrate IWD with a workshop-based celebration. More information on this event's poster

International Women's Day events poster

WHEN bring together women* who work in higher education and are ready for something new, to network, support and progress in their careers, so that together we can achieve equity of opportunity for staff in higher education. They are hosting a webinar on Thursday 14th March for International Women's Day.

Join the WHEN network, available for all women working in Higher Education.

*Including transwomen and non-binary people comfortable in a female-centred community.

On 6th March 2024, we had Madeleine from SMU Library deliver a workshop on female authors and female stories as part of our International Women's Day celebrations. A video was recorded of the workshop if you weren't able to join in person.

If you would like to join us or just find out more about the Women's Network at St Mary's, please contact

  • Networking: an opportunity to meet and connect with other women who work at the university, which can help to build relationships and expand your professional network.
  • Advocacy: we advocate for policies and practices that support gender equity and work-life balance, which can help to improve the workplace environment for women.
  • Community: our network provides a sense of community and belonging, which can be particularly important for women who may feel isolated or marginalised in male-dominated fields.
  • Support: through the women’s network you can benefit from emotional and social support, particularly during times of stress of difficulty, such as when facing workplace discrimination or harassment.
  • Professional development: we can facilitate and signpost opportunities for professional development and skill-building, which can help you to advance in your career and achieve your goals.

Springboard work and personal development training course for women

Springboard is the award-winning, globally recognised, personal development programme for women. It is designed for women who want to take control, become more assertive, increase their confidence & build themselves a more positive attitude in both their work and home lives

The programme is open to women from all backgrounds, ages, and stages of their lives, from all areas of the University.

The 2023 programme is now underway, but you can find more details and check back later for details of the 2024 programme.

Aurora women's leadership development programme

This development programme is run by the Leadership Foundation to Higher Education, and focuses on developing future leaders. Aurora aims to enable a wider range of women in academic and professional roles to think of themselves as future leaders, to develop the skills they will need and to help their institutions to maximise the use of the skills they acquire.

Find out more about the programme and how to apply.

Athena Swan Gender Equality Charter

Athena SWAN is a gender equality charter aiming to address inequalities and improve experiences of staff and students irrelevant of their gender. Find out more about St Mary’s Athena SWAN efforts.

If you have experienced harassment, bullying, discrimination, or misconduct, there are a number of options to report and/or seek support. For confidential support staff are advised to use the Employee Assistance Programme. You may also wish to seek support from St Mary’s Mental Health First Aiders. To report any issues you have experience you can do so anonymously, or by speaking to the HR Business partner team. Reporting details.

If you or someone you know has experienced Sexual Harassment, Assault, Stalking, or any form of Sexual Misconduct, you do not have to cope alone. Support is available at the University and by external support services. Find out more.

The Women's Network provides community and support in relation to the following topics:

Networking and professional development

Harassment and sexual misconduct

  • Staff looking for urgent support are encouraged to contact our Employee Assistance Programme. Students looking for urgent support are encouraged to contact St Mary’s counselling services or University Security (020 8240 4060).