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Ageism is another term for age discrimination. It is important to note that anyone can be subjected to ageism. Anyone can be discriminated against due to their age. The most common form of ageism is the perpetuation of negative stereotypes of certain age groups and to discriminate against a person due to stereotypes associated to their age group.   

Discrimination of any kind based on age is prohibited under Equality Act 2010 and is not tolerated at St Mary's. St Mary's has zero tolerance for ageism in our community. 

Age is a protected characteristic under the UK Government's Equality Act 2010. 

Our aim is to ensure that everyone regardless of their age can thrive during their time at St Mary’s. We have a range of policies, activities, and resources in place to support this aim.

Any student or member of staff who has been affected by discrimination, bullying, harassment, violence, or hate crime is encouraged to visit our Report & Support pages for staff and for students for detailed information about their options.

The following resources have been curated in relation to Age - a protected characteristic under Equality Act 2010.

The University is committed to ensuring that nobody is treated unfairly because of their age, because they belong to a particular age group, because someone thinks they belong to a particular age group or because of the age of someone they are linked with (such as a parent, child, partner or friend).  

It is a common assumption that all university students are young and just leaving home. However, this is not an accurate supposition of university population. At St Mary's, 26% of our undergraduate population are classed as 'mature' (which means over the age of 21 at the start of their studies) and just under half of these (12%) are aged 26 or over at the start of their courses. On PGCE programmes, we have many older, career-changing students: approximately 48% of our PGCE students are classed as 'mature' (over the age of 25 when they start their studies) and almost 20% are aged 30 or over.   

 No matter the age of our staff and students at St Mary's, our core values of inclusion and respect require us to ensure that all must receive equal treatment regardless of their age or age group. 

St Mary's welcomes everyone of all age to our degree programmes. We are committed to our mature students education and will support our students with their career aspirations.   

Below is a list of resources for prospective and current mature students:  

Additional resources:

  • Seek support from a trained counsellor in our Student Wellbeing Service. 
  • Seek support from a member of our St Mary's Student Union student officer team. 
  • Age UK  
    Age UK is a charity committed to older people's wellbeing.  
  • Citizens Advice – Age discrimination 
    Citizens Advice is a national charity which offers support and advice to individuals concern regarding: discrimination, employment, debt and money, housing, immigration and other legal matters.