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Interview requirements

Some of our programmes require an interview and preparatory work as part of the application process. Please see below for a list of these programmes and links to the relevant information.

It is important you complete all relevant tasks before your interview to give you the best chance of success, otherwise we may not go ahead with your interview.

If your interview is online via zoom then please read our Online Interview Guide before your interview.

Primary and Early Years Education

PGCE secondary programmes

Interview requirements for all of the PGCE secondary courses listed are on our PGCE Secondary interviews page.

Please make sure you refer to our PGCE secondary interviews checklist before you apply.

  • PGCE Secondary English with QTS 
  • PGCE Secondary Geography with QTS 
  • PGCE Secondary History with QTS 
  • PGCE Secondary Maths with QTS 
  • PGCE Secondary Modern Foreign Languages with QTS 
  • PGCE Secondary Physical Education with QTS 
  • PGCE Secondary Religious Education with QTS 
  • PGCE Secondary Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) with QTS.

MA education programmes

MA Education, International Development and Social Justice

Please read the interview requirements for our MA Education, International Development and Social Justice degree.

Other MA Education programmes

Check out interview requirements for these MA Education courses:

  • MA Education 
  • MA Education: Coaching and Mentoring 
  • MA Education: Inclusive Practice 
  • MA Education: Leading Innovation and Change 
  • MA Education: Pedagogy 
  • MA Education: Physical Education 
  • MA Education: Religious Education.

Physiotherapy programmes

Psychology conversion programme

Acting and creative production programmes