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IT Equipment for Staff

Staff may be eligible for a variety of IT equipment from either central IT funding, or via purchase by your department. To find out what equipment you are eligible for from central IT funding, please see our computer replacement policy below, or read through our set of FAQs further down the page.

Computer Replacement Policy

Please see below for a set of frequently asked questions for new IT equipment and replacement equipment.


New roles

If a new role has been created in addition to the existing headcount in the department, staff are entitled to a new laptop and a flexible working bundle, which includes:

  • 24" Monitor
  • Docking Station
  • USB Headset
  • USB keyboard and mouse

The flexible working bundle will be installed in an office on site for the new staff member to use.

If additional equipment is required for home use, the department will need to provide a cost code and place an order using the form below.

IT Order Request Form

Part-time staff

Staff members who are on 0.5 FTE hours or less are not entitled to IT equipment from central IT funding. If a laptop or PC is required, this will be chargable to the department cost code.

Existing roles

If the new staff member is replacing a former staff member, or if an old role has been reworked into a new role, then the new staff member will be assigned the equipment from the previous role holder.

Yes, if your desktop PC is over 5 years old you can swap your desktop PC for a laptop and docking station by submitting an order via the button below.

IT Order Request Form

In the following scenarios you will not have to pay for a laptop:

  • If you are a new starter.
  • If you require a laptop for your role and are above 0.6 Full Time Equivalent hours.

Your department will need to pay for a laptop in the following scenarios:

  • Your Full Time Equivalent hours are 0.5 or less and you require a laptop for your role.
  • If you require a laptop that is more expensive than the standard laptop costs purchased by IT. Please contact the Service Desk if you require a specific laptop specification.
  • If a laptop is required for project-funded staff - in these scenarios the project budget should be used to fund the laptop.

Staff members who have a laptop are entitled to one of each the following:

  • 24" Monitor
  • Docking Station
  • USB Headset
  • USB keyboard and mouse

These will be installed in your office on campus. Any additional equipment needed at home needs to be funded by the department. You can request this using the order form below.

IT Order Request Form

All university equipment will need to be returned to the Service Desk when you leave the university. If you have written approval from HR that you can keep your laptop when you leave, the laptop will need to be wiped to remove all St Mary's software, and will then be returned to you.

Equipment can be reassigned between staff members but needs to be returned to the Service Desk to be wiped and updated, so please return all equipment that you need reassigning.