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This section contains guidance relating to Mitel / Shoretel desk phones and the Mitel Connect desktop app.

If you do not currently have a desk phone and require one, please submit an IT order request for a Mitel IP Phone 420. The helpdesk will install a phone for you and assign you an extension.

If a staff member has left and you are now using their phone and extension, please submit a User Change form to have this switched over to your name.

If you are sitting at a desk with an "Available" phone, please see below to temporarily add your extension. You must log out when you are finished using the phone.

There are 4 different phone models around campus. Each of these use the same method for logging in:

  • Dial 2301 and wait for the auto-attendant menu to prompt you for your extension number. (it will first ask you if you want to call a specific extension, ignore this)
  • Enter your extension number.
  • When prompted, enter your voicemail password and press #
  • Press 7, 3 then 1 in that order. The auto-attendant should confirm that you are assigning your extension to the phone.

Once you have finished using the phone, you must unassign your extension:

  • Press Voicemail on the handset (or dial 2301 as before), type in your voicemail password when prompted, and press #
  • Press 7, 3 then 2 in that order. This will remove your extension from the phone.

Mitel Connect User Guides:

All staff devices should have Mitel Connect installed. Mitel Connect is an application on your PC that can interact with your phone in a variety of ways, including allowing you to make calls, check voicemails, access the phone directory, access your call history, etc.

In order to set up Mitel Connect you will need to have an extension assigned to your name. Shared extensions cannot be used with Mitel Connect by multiple staff members, as only one person can be login per extension number.

To use Mitel Connect, you will need to request login details for your extension from the IT Helpdesk. This can be done by contacting The Hub Online.

Mitel Connect offers the functionality to forward your desk phone to another number. This could be voicemail, an internal extension, or an external number.

  • Log into Mitel Connect
  • Click the Connect button in the top left of the window, and click Settings...
  • Go to the Call Routing tab on the left
  • At the top of this window you can see your call handling mode (e.g. available, out of office etc.).
    If you want to change the settings for a specific one, select this at the top.
  • Click the Start Wizard button. This will open an automatic setup assistant that will let you change each setting one by one.
    • The first menu will ask if you want any other phones to ring simultaneously to your desk phone. For example, if you want your mobile and desk phone to ring at the same time, you can add your mobile to this page.
    • The second menu will ask what you want to do if you don't answer your desk phone. Here you can choose to forward calls to another number after a certain amount of rings, or to always forward calls without ringing your desk phone at all.
  • Once you have added any redirects you need, click the save button in the bottom right.
  • To quickly change one of these settings in future, you do not need to use the Start Wizard button, just click "Change" next to the setting you have set up.

Mitel Connect includes multiple call handling modes, and each one can be customised however you would like:

  • Standard
  • In a meeting
  • Out of Office
  • Extended Absence
  • Custom

Mitel Connect offers the option to set a customised voicemail greeting message for each call handling mode above. To do this:

  • Open Mitel Connect, click your name on the left bar, and then the settings cog to open the Settings:
  • Click Voicemail from the left hand tab, and then open the Setup tab.
  • Click Record New Name button
  • Click the red Rec button and say your greeting into your handset.
  • Click the green Plabutton to hear it back
  • When happy with your greeting, click Save Recording 

If you would like to make and receive calls from a desktop or laptop, you will need to enable the Softphone option in Mitel Connect.

  • Open Mitel Connect and log in.
  • Click on your name in the top left of the application window.
  • In the Primary Assignment section, select Softphone.
  • Make sure that the drop down option has your device's speakers or headset selected.

If you do not have the option to enable Softphone, please contact the IT Helpdesk at The Hub Online to request Softphone access.

The university telephony system allows you to access your voicemails when away from your phone as long as you have access to another phone:

  • Dial 020 8240 2301 (Or extension 2301 from a university phone)
  • Wait for the end of the message saying “Thank you for calling, if you know the extension of the person you want to reach, you may dial in now".
  • You will hear a musical tone and “Welcome to the Mitel Phone System".
  • Enter your extension number
  • Enter your voicemail password

It is possible to have conference calls set up within Mitel Connect. To request one of these please contact the Service Desk at The Hub Online and include the time which you need the call to be available.

Note: St Mary's telephony system has a limit of 30 active telephone lines and 30 conference attendee licenses which are used on a first come first served basis across any conferencing running simultaneously.

If you are running a conference with a large number of participants, it is recommended that you use Microsoft Teams or Zoom Meetings.