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Globalisation, Governance and the Digital Economy

Globalisation, Governance and the Digital Economy is a group of scholars that has focused research efforts on the Private Sector.

Among their research interests are the following: business management and business model innovation for Social Purpose; globalisation, diversity and comparative research; innovation policy, governance and regulatory affairs; management education and impact, international education for growth;  international knowledge transfer, competitiveness and sustainability; digitalization and its implications for business models, strategy, marketing and organisation; platforms and digitalisation of services.

This is an open research community inviting academics and practitioners from different background and disciplines to participate in our scholarly activities. Members of the research cluster work on research projects leading to publications, including applied research and consulting, private sector training, coaching and development, doctoral students supervision.

Members of the research cluster are engaged in a diverse portfolio of research activities, including:

  • Business Models, Strategy, and Strategic Co-alignment
  • Business Platforms, Ecosystems, Data and Digitalisation
  • Management Education / Education Management, Pedagogy, Education Policy and Higher Education Models, Excelling in Student Experience
  • Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Innovation Systems and Models
  • SMEs and Entrepreneurship
  • Multimedia and Education 
  • Project management
  • Public and social policy evaluation


PhD students

  • Chanour Faical
    Supervisors: Merlin Stone and Kathleen Fincham
  • Luisa Winzierl
    Supervisors: Lubna Ahmed 
  • Maheswaran Lakshmipriya
    Supervisors: Guglielmo Calvini, Eleni Aravopoulou and Mahendra Raj
  • Sanjay Sakhran
    Supervisors: Mahendra Raj

All research degree students at St Mary’s are part of the Doctoral College.

Current Projects

  • Global value chains
  • High tech farming in Europe – 23 regions
  • Smart specialisation strategies and regional development
  • Triple helix engagement
  • RRI – responsible research and innovation and OS – Open Science
  • Global biopharma
  • Global telecommunications
  • The role of analysts in providing forecasts of IT development 
  • Fostering improved training tools for responsible research and innovation

Selected publications

  • Todeva, E and Ketikidis, P (2017). Regional Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management: Actors, Helices and Consensus Space, Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy, 5 (1): 57-76, ISSN 2392-8042.
  • Todeva, E and Ketikidis, P (2017).Managing the Triple Helix’: Regions as Place-Based and Industry-Based Political Arenas,Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy, 5 (1), 9-12, , ISSN 2392-8042.
  • Stone M, Spero I & Aravopoulou E (2017) Multiple Helices as Agents of Change? The Case of the Neighbourhoods of the Future Project and the Development of Direction for Policy and Practice on Health, Happiness and Wellbeing for the next Generation of Older Adults, Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy 5 1, 97-117.
  • Fincham, K, Dunne, M, Durrani, N & Crossuard, B. (2017) Troubling Muslim Youth Identities: Nation, Religion, Gender. London: Palgrave.
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  • Boaventura, J, Carnaúba, A, Todeva, E, Azevedo, A. and Armando, E. (2016) ‘Governance Structures and Trust: a Study of Real Estate Networks’, Journal on Chain and Network Science, 16(2): 157-170, DOI: 10.3920/JCNS2015.0008.  
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