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METRE: Mathematics Education Teaching and Research Enterprise

METRE is an initiative of the Primary and Secondary Education team at St Mary’s University. It was established in 2014 to promote partnerships with local, national and international teachers and researchers in schools and universities.

The aim of METRE is to continue to contribute to the development of a community of mathematical innovators. We propose to do this by:

  • Conducting research into practice and publishing the outcomes through conference presentations and texts
  • Hosting Sphere events where innovative practice is shared by teachers and researchers
  • Supporting teachers in schools through CPD
  • The development of resources to encourage teachers and learners to explore mathematics creatively
  • Hosting conferences where ideas are shared and explored

Members of METRE conduct research in mathematics. If you are interested in trialing some action research in your classroom so as to understand what is working well and why, then please contact us and we can visit you on site. 

More formal avenues of research in mathematics are available through  Master's programmes with the opportunity to undertake a major in mathematics in the Master's Pedagogy. 

If you have something great to share about what you are doing in your classroom, then please contact us about publishing your ideas in our journal  ReflectED: St Mary’s Journal of Education. Teachers and students have found the journal to be a rich source of inspiration and ideas about teaching mathematics.


PhD students

  • Marc Jacobs

All research degree students at St Mary’s are part of the Doctoral College.


We hope that all of our conferences allow you to confer with colleagues and peers to enrich your lives as teachers of mathematics.

We aim to hold a conference each year in the summer term:


METRE events are twilight sessions designed around specific topics of interest to teachers of mathematics in primary and secondary schools.

The Sphere events offer participants an opportunity to listen to an inspirational leader in mathematics and to share ideas with peers. Below are a list of recent Sphere events. Attendees noted that they found them stimulating and useful for their teaching:

  • March 2016: Assessment in mathematics without levels...what is happening in schools?
  • November 2015: Assessment without levels and written calculations: What are schools doing?
  • March 2015: The Inquiry Maths Classroom
  • November 2014: Balancing procedural and conceptual understanding: Implications from the new national curriculum