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Professional Practice in Sports Psychology

The aim of this research group is to conduct high quality research that examines the practice of sport psychology and seeks to influence and develop the professional delivery of this applied domain.

Specific areas of current interest include the impact of cognitions and mental strategies on performance, observation as a psychological assessment mode, the use of humour within applied sport psychology consulting, interpersonal relationships within sport, and psychosocial interventions in elite soccer.

PhD students

All research degree students at St Mary’s are part of the Doctoral College. All potential research students must first submit an online enquiry form with details of their proposal.

Selected publications

  • Winter, S., & Collins, D. (2015a). Why do we do, what we do? Journal of Applied Sport Psychology27, 35-51. doi:10.1080/10413200.2014.941511.
  • Winter, S., & Collins, D. (2015b). Where is the evidence in our sport psychology practice? A UK perspective on the underpinnings of action. Professional Psychology: Research & Practice46, 175-182. doi:10.1037/pro0000014