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Lifestyle Management, Treatment and Prevention of Chronic Diseases

The aim of this research cluster is to develop and establish a research core in the area of nutrition and lifestyle approaches for treatment and prevention of chronic diseases.

Spanning public health, self-management, women's health and clinical management and prevention of a range of conditions, research will be in line with Public Health England priorities. This will include a special focus on 'at risk groups'.

Womens' health includes research into breast health aiming to target women through different life stages, puberty, pregnancy and illness (breast cancer) to broaden understanding of breast pain and ultimately help relieve the symptoms associated with this wide spread condition.

Other avenues of research include educational initiatives to improve knowledge to enable achievement of a healthy lifestyle, and also those to increase knowledge and awareness of breast health.

The aim, in the short term, is to build on the evidence base on measures to tackle chronic disease and improve quality of life. This will provide an understanding of barriers to adopting a healthy lifestyle that community groups face, preparing suitable education strategies for specific community groups, and the evaluation of educational and other strategies to tackle these barriers.

The impact of this research will be to improve the public health and well-being of at risk groups.


PhD students

  • Ayse Okhan
  • Mathew Wade
  • Megan LeWarne

All research degree students at St Mary’s are part of the Doctoral College. All potential research students must first submit an online enquiry form with details of their proposal.

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