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Alcohol and drinks

  • Look out for your friends, everyone has different tolerances to alcohol
  • Pace yourself when out drinking, enjoy your night, but don’t try and keep up with friends that can drink more than you
  • Try not to drink on an empty stomach - have something to eat before going out drinking
  • Alternate alcoholic drinks with water, you'll feel better in the morning
  • It's ok to refuse a drink if you don't want one
  • Avoid pressuring others into drinking to excess
  • Be wary of accepting drinks from people you don't know
  • Watch your drinks – ensure they are safe to avoid having your drink spiked. This advice also applies to soft drinks, teas, coffees etc.
  • If you are wary as to whether your drink has been tampered with - don’t drink it!
  • If you see someone tampering with someone else’s drink- report it to the bar staff
  • When buying alcohol stick to recognised shops, brands and suppliers. Always look out for suspicious packaging or if the seal has been tampered with.
  • Read Save the Students article ‘How to protect your drink from being spiked’