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Personal property

Phones, bags and purses/wallets

  • Theft is often committed by opportunists who take advantage of the unaware and uninformed.
  • It’s important to protect your personal property at all times
  • Try and wear your bag so that the strap is across your body, with the opening closest to your body. If you have a purse/wallet in your pocket be mindful of how easily accessible it is
  • Pick-pocket thefts are on the rise, especially in shops, therefore keep small accessible items safe from thieves
  • Keep your bag in sight at all times, preferably on your person if you can
  • Try not to advertise your most valuable possessions, for instance, putting your bag or purse on a table or chair unattended, this is extremely attractive to would be thieves.
  • It doesn’t take much to lose your bag or purse with all your cash, bank cards and ID, leaving you vulnerable to identity theft
  • If your bag or purse is stolen, make sure you cancel bank cards as soon as possible.
  • Take a good look at the contents of your bag/wallet/purse. For example, you may not need to take all of your credit/debit cards with you every time you go out
  • If you are threatened in any way to hand over your property be mindful if it is replaceable – you aren’t!
  • When walking on the pavement, walk towards oncoming traffic making it more difficult for thieves on wheels to pull up next to you
  • Keep at least one hand free to use to defend yourself‌ if necessary