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Subject knowledge enhancement courses

 St Mary’s University provide subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) courses in the following subjects:

Subject knowledge enhancement courses - face to face 2017/18
 Subject8 week  16 week
maths   *  *
 spanish   *  
french   *  
Subject knowledge enhancement courses - online 2017/18
subject  8 week 16 week 28 week
 maths  *  *
french   *  *  *
 spanish  *  *  *
 biology  *  *
 chemistry  *  *  *
 physics  *  *
 computer science  *  *  *
 geography  *  *
 english  *    

Programme lengths

The length of programme that you undertake will be decided by your provider.

An 8 week (200 hours) programme is for candidates who require their subject knowledge boosted or refreshed to GCSE level.

A 16 week (400 hours) programme is for candidates who want to teach at ‘A’ level and already hold a strong qualification in your specialist subject.

A 28 week (700 hours) programme is for candidates that will benefit from a longer subject knowledge enhancement through GCSE and ‘A’ Level.

Eligibility criteria

  • You must have an offer of  a place on a Teacher Training programme with the SKE programme a condition of that offer
  • You must not have attended any NCTL funded SKE previously
  • Your Teacher Training subject must match your SKE subject.
  • Your degree must be 2.2 or above

Face to face courses

You will be taught by a team of experienced teacher practitioners with a wealth of experience and expertise working in secondary and higher education.

The 8 week face to face programmes will run from 4th June 2018 – 27th July 2018

Monday – Friday 9.00 – 4.00pm

The 16 week face to face Mathematics will run from 9th April 2018 – 27th July 2018

Monday – Friday 9.00 – 4.00pm

All face to face programmes are based here at St Mary’s University. Directions can be located here at:


Parking at St Mary’s is restricted. You can book a parking space at £2.00 a day by contacting reception: 020 8240 4000. Parking spaces are limited and there are a number of parking restrictions in the surrounding area. We recommend using public transport where possible.

On line courses

Our courses are unique in providing a bespoke interactive platform that allows trainees to start to link the subject with the pedagogy.

The courses are comprised of core modules and optional modules. You will be required to complete the activities in all of the core modules. You can then develop your learning path using the optional modules.

You will have access to a specialist tutor with whom you can arrange tutorials via e-mail, Skype, telephone or face to face if geographically viable.

The Science SKE programme also offers an optional, but highly recommend, attended practical summer school at our partner school campus.

The SKE programmes can be commenced at any time during the relevant academic year with completion prior to the commencement of your PGCE programme.

SKE programmes are funded and attract a bursary from the NCTL.

For further information please contact: Lizzy Jackson. 

Self-funded SKE courses 

If you have the offer of a PGCE place your funding will usually be undertaken by the NCTL.  For participants wishing to take one of our SKE courses who do not have a PGCE offer you can opt to undertake self-funded course for personal and professional development.

For 2017 – 18  self-funded fees will be:

8 week courses

16 week courses

28 week course