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Chaplaincy at St Mary's

Welcome to St Mary's. We hope that you will flourish here, make friends, enjoy studying your subject and discover the richness of your identity and the path for your future life. University is a great time to engage others with different views about the world and learn what Pope Francis describes as 'the grammar of dialogue', the necessary tool to share live with others. 


Why Chaplaincy? Each of us has a spiritual identity at the deepest level of our existence, described as the inner voice of conscience. To some this voice is informed and developed through the Word of God communicated in different ways, hence the religions of the world. 

To those of no specific faith, and for those who wish to explore this inner voice of conscience, the Chaplaincy is a place of conversation and meeting. 

You are always welcome to come to the Chaplaincy which is located across the Piazza from the Chapel and adjacent to the Refectory. The centre is open during the day, and tea and coffee is always available. 

Places for worship and prayer

The Chaplaincy provides opportunities for different types of religious services in three different locations:

  • The Chapel and Crypt for formal catholic worship, and available to all for private prayer and meditation
  • The Prayer Room for Islamic Worship. Student-led prayers are conducted on Firday's.
  • The Meditation Room for non-denominational prayer and meditation

Student religious societies 

St Mary's has three religious societies, the Catholic Society, the Christian Union and the Islamic Society which hold events for their members. 

Contact Details


Chaplain: Canon Peter Newby
Tel: 020 8240 4006

Chaplaincy Administrator: Grazia Romano Hazell
Tel: 020 8240 2327

For more information, please visit our webpage.