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Welcome to St Mary's University! 

Our aim at St Mary's is to enable you to reach your full potential. Your university years are a vital and enriching part of your life journey, as you find your way  and discern the choices in front of you. At St Mary's, we want to ensure that you are prepared for a successful career, combined with a strong social commitment which will see you play a full part in the  community, based on our core values of inclusiveness, generosity of spirit, respect, and excellence. That commitment starts here on our campus, where staff will support and encourage you as you discover what you want to do and develop the knowledge and skills to do it. Your formation at St Mary's will be wide-ranging and holistic, embracing the whole person: intellectual, cultural, social, spiritual, emotional, and physical.

As you move through your chosen degree programme, we will be helping you in a whole range of ways to ensure that your experience is affirming and enriching. We aim to help you to resolve any problems that might arise as swiftly as possible. Our Student Services department is a one-stop centre designed to help you navigate the University more easily and to meet any challenges that may meet you; and you will encounter challenges , so don't hesitate to reach out and ask for advice and assistance.

This handbook gives you information on the services we provide. In each of the areas, we work closely with the Students' Union, which we encourage you to engage with and support. The Students' Union offers its own range of services to you and, between us, we provide a comprehensive network of support and encouragement to all our students. 

Please take the time to read this handbook. It will help you to navigate the University by telling you where to go and who to speak to when you need help with a problem or advice with an issue. Our staff are open and approachable, and focused on providing you with help and guidance.

I welcome you to St Mary's and wish you well in the coming academic year!

Anthony McClaran - Vice-Chancellor