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Core Services provided by Security


  • Internal patrols
  • External patrols
  • Snap patrols
  • Hi visibility patrols
  • Covert ops
  • Teddington Lock and outlaying buildings
  • Random security checks on ID of any person on University property
  • Cash escorts to/from banks and departments

Incident Management & response

  • Fire alarms
  • Pre fire alarms
  • Panic alarms
  • Intruder alarms
  • First aid
  • Trespass response
  • Noise complaints
  • Deal proactively with anti-social behaviour
  • Response to disabled toilet alarms
  • Request assistance from emergency services
  • Evacuation of area
  • Cordon of scene if appropriate
  • Protect the scene if appropriate
  • Repairs to locks, windows and power out.

Asset Management

  • Monitoring CCTV
  • Securing rooms and buildings
  • Monitoring card access
  • Advising heads of schools/services on asset protection
  • Property marking

Crime prevention and Crime reduction

  • Hold safety workshops
  • Bike tagging events
  • Property marking events
  • Stay safe information
  • Car crime advice
  • Security surveys
  • Footprints, large hands and balloons
  • Liaising with the local police

Parking and traffic management

  • Policing the University’s traffic policy
  • Issuing vehicles with PCN’s
  • Overseeing staff annual parking round
  • Hold secondary PCN appeals
  • Divert traffic when necessary
  • Manning the gates
  • Visitor parking
  • Contractor parking
  • Maintain a database of all car park permit holders

Event planning

  • Risk assessments
  • Site survey
  • Manning levels
  • Information gathering
  • Liaising with Police etc
  • Event meetings


  • Lost & Found Property
  • Visitor/Contractor passes
  • Issue University transport
  • Security Operations Manager to consult and advice, students, heads of departments on any issue in relation to security of buildings, personnel or security equipment. Written reports can be given on request.
  • Assisting visitors with directions

Business Continuity Planning

  • The provision of Security will continue
  • In all cases the control room will be continual staffed 24/7
  • Please see the Security Department Business Continuity Plan for more information

Major incident response

  • Respond to gas leaks
  • Respond to major water leaks
  • Sudden death of a student/staff
  • Terrorist attacks
  •  Extreme acts of Violence against students/staff
  • Natural hazards such as snow, floods & gales