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Postroom Guidance & FAQ

Question:  Will I be contacted when post arrives for me?

Answer:   Post that arrives on a daily basis via Royal Mail, i.e. ( bank letters, birthday cards etc  this also includes small packages).

                    Will need to be collected from the postroom daily as these types of mail are held in a secure post box and not notified to the individual.


Question:  How will I know if I have  any parcel deliveries or registered post?

Answer:     Any Parcels  or signature required items delivered by courier or post,  postroom staff will send you a parcel notification email to your student email account

                      Informing you of a delivery. The notification will provide you with a Parcel Number to be quoted on collection from the postroom.

                      ID will need to be shown on arrival.


Question:   How do I have my mail addressed to the university?

Answer:     In order for the mail/packages to reach the university all correspondence should be addressed in the following format correctly.

  • Full Name
  • Full Address : St Marys University, Waldegrave Road, Strawberry Hill, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW1 4SX
  • Halls of residence
  • Regnum


Question:    Where is the postroom located on campus?

Answer:     The postroom can be found in the main university building via reception.


Question:  How do I use the onsite Amazon Lockers?

Answer:    You will need to access your Amazon account address book where it asks to ‘add a new locker'

Type in the postal code of the university TW1 4SX click accept to access ‘ FLATSON’


Question:  What are the opening hours of the postroom?

Answer:     The Postroom is open Monday- Friday