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Property and Belongings

Looking after your belongings

  • Never leave cash or valuables such as computers in open view
  • Make a list of all your property including serial numbers
  • Postcode your valuable possessions using an ultra violet marker
  • Register your belongings with Immobilise, a free online property database that allows you to register anything with a serial number, such as televisions, MP3 players, laptops, satellite navigation systems, games consoles and mobile phones
  • Always use your mobile phone's security code or PIN
  • Record your mobile phone's IMEI number and keep it somewhere safe. (You can access the IMEI number by typing *#06# into your handset, or by checking under the battery or on the side of the box that the phone came in.) In the unlikely event of your mobile being stolen the network will need this number to block it. The police will also need this number to record it as being stolen
  • Obtain comprehensive insurance cover for your valuables
  • Report losses to security staff and the Police

Looking after your money

  • Keep your cheque book and bank guarantee card in separate places
  • Keep your card pin number to yourself, don't write it down or tell anyone else the number
  • Keep your card 'lost and found' contact number handy and report any theft or loss of cards or cheque books immediately to your bank and the police
  • Do not ask anyone to use your card on your behalf
  • Try to withdraw cash in daylight hours, and ask a friend to go with you if possible
  • Look around before inserting your card and shield your pin when you enter it
  • Put your money and card away before you step away from the cash machine
  • Do not count your money in full view of strangers

In your accommodation

  • Always shut windows when you leave a room – it only takes seconds for an intruder to get in
  • Don't leave your keys in the door or lying around
  • Lock your front door as soon as you’re inside
  • Close and lock windows before you leave– especially those at ground level
  • Use a spy hole or security chain to see who is at your door before opening it
  • If someone claims to be a representative from a company ask to see identification before you let them in and call the company if you are still unsure
  • Draw your curtains after dark