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Study Abroad and Erasmus Application Guidance

We have recently launched a new application system. Before starting your application, please ensure you have selected the correct application link.

If you experience difficulties with the application, please email

Getting started

You will need to have the following documents available to complete your application:

  • Current transcript from your home university or a completion certificate and transcript of your marks if you are applying after completing high school.
  • If you are not from an English-speaking country, you will need to provide proof of your English language level.
  • A scan of the photo and information page of your passport. If you are applying for a new passport, you can provide this information later.
  • A short statement in Word or PDF format telling us why you would like to study at St Mary’s University. Your personal statement only needs to be one to two paragraphs.
  • Please note that we no longer require academic references from most applicants but may request one in some circumstances.
  • If you apply for Study Abroad + Internship or Erasmus + Internship, please use the appropriate link for your application. After you are accepted, you will receive a follow up email requesting more information about your background and professional interests.

Personal Details

  • Fill in your personal details.
  • Select ‘Yes’ to add a correspondence address.
  • Correspondence Address: Fill in the contact information for your home university’s Study Abroad/Erasmus Coordinator. Norwegian students applying through SONOR should fill in their advisor’s information here.


  • Select ‘No’ unless you are applying through an agent.
  • If you are applying through an agent, select the correct agent from the drop-down list (i.e. SONOR).


  • Fill in your home institution and country. If you’re a Norwegian applying after completing Videregående Skole, fill in the details of your high school.
  • Qualification: Select ‘Other’. Input your current major. Norwegian students should input ‘High School.’
  • Select the subject closest to your major from the long drop-down list.
  • Completed: Select ‘no.’ Norwegians students, select ‘yes’ if coming from high school.
  • Expected grade: Enter current GPA or average (if known)
  • Expected/Completion Date: Enter the date you expect to complete your current degree. Norwegians should select the date you completed high school.
  • Fill in your language of instruction, if not English.


  • Upload your current transcript.
  • Norwegian students should upload the Videregående transcript of marks and certificate of completion, if available.

English Language Qualifications

  • If you are from an English-speaking country or studying at a US or Australian institution, select ‘no.’
  • Otherwise, select ‘yes’ and provide proof of your English language level.


  • Have you been out of education for more than 6 months? Select ‘no.

Personal Statement

  • Upload a short statement telling us why you would like to study at St Mary’s. One or two paragraphs is plenty.

Passport and Visa

  • Provide the requested information. Only mark that you are a dual citizen if it applies to you.


  • Upload a copy of the picture and information pages of your passport.
  • If you are applying for a new passport, you can provide passport information at a later date. Please allow plenty of time to receive your passport before travelling, particularly if you require a visa.

Do you require a student visa to study in the UK? 

  • Answer ‘yes’ only if you are from a non-EU/EEA country AND plan to participate in an internship AND/OR you intend to study with us for a full academic year.
  • Answer ‘no’ if you are from an EU/EEA country OR you plan to study with us for a single semester without participating in an internship.
  • Please note, this information is correct at the time of writing and will be updated in line with Brexit developments for EU/EEA students. Check the UK government’s latest visa guidelines.

Referee 1

  • Do you have a reference to upload? Select ‘no’. Provide the information of your Study Abroad/Erasmus Coordinator at your home university.


  • What is your likely source of funding? Select ‘other.’
  • Please specify: Indicate if you are exchange, self-funded or sponsored by your home university. If you do know, leave this blank for now.
  • Percentage: 100% Submission
  • Can we pass your information to SMULIC? Select ‘no.’


  • Tick both boxes and hit submit.

Thanks for applying! You’ll hear from us soon with information about next steps