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Apply to the St Mary's Study Abroad programme

Step 1: Choose the application option that fits you

Please select the correct option before clicking on the application links below. All students studying at St Mary’s under each of these options may choose modules from a number of degree programmes as well as participate in the + Internship pathway.

Fee-paying Study Abroad

This pathway is open to students from our non-exchange and non-Erasmus partner universities around the world. Students may also select this option if they are studying at a non-partner university or if they are interested in coming to us for their first year of university.


Exchange is open to students at our non-Erasmus partner universities with an exchange agreement. Please check with the Study Abroad team at your home university before you select this option.


Students studying at one of our Erasmus+ partners in Europe may be eligible to join us as part of the the Erasmus+ programme. Please talk to the Erasmus Coordinator at your home university before selecting this option.

Workplace Learning Internships

All students studying with us through exchange, Study Abroad or Erasmus+ may also gain international work experience and academic credits with our Workplace Learning Internships. To apply, please select the correct application option ‘with internship.’ Once your application has been processed, you will receive a link requesting more details about your professional interests and work experience to help the Workplace Learning Team find you a placement.

Please note: The University reserves to the option to cancel this pathway if it is not possible to run safely due to COVID-19 restrictions in UK workplaces.

Step 2: Apply to study at St Mary's

Our online application system allows you to apply to spend a semester or full year at St Mary’s University. The process is quick and easy. We suggest that you read our application guidance carefully before starting your application and choose the correct application link for your circumstances.

If you are enrolled at one of our Study Abroad, Exchange or Erasmus+ partners, you must be nominated by your home university before applying to study with us. Please contact your Study Abroad or Erasmus Office for more details. 

If you are not enrolled at one of our partner institutions, please contact before you apply.

Full year applications

    Applications are now closed.

Semester 1 applications

    Applications are now closed.

Semester 2 applications

    Applications are now closed.
    Please note our internship pathways are now closed.

Students studying at non-partner institutions in the US may apply to St Mary’s directly as Fee-paying Study Abroad Students. Alternatively, you may apply to study at St Mary’s through University of Wisconsin Platteville or Arcadia University and receive US transfer credits. Check with the Study Abroad Office at your home university to find out the best option for you.