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Apply to the St Mary's Study Abroad programme

Step 1: Choose a pathway that suits your area of interest

Study Abroad

If you study at one of our partner universities, you can apply as a Study Abroad student. Choose modules from  a number of programmes and  apply online.

Study Abroad + Internship

Gain crucial work experience within your field of interest whilst earning credits with our  Workplace Learning Internships.


We welcome students from a number of European partners on the  Erasmus+ programme.

Step 2: Choose a suitable course

Look through the  list of modules offered within our Study Abroad  programmes. Please consult your advisors at your home university  to ensure that credits gained at St Mary’s will transfer back to your degree.

If you are applying for the Study Abroad + Internship programme, you will need to choose two or three additional modules.

Step 3: Apply to study at St Mary's

If you are enrolled at one of our Study Abroad partner institutions, please contact your Study Abroad Office. If you are applying to St Mary's as an exchange student you must be nominated by your home university before applying.

If you are not enrolled at one of our partner institutions, please contact before you apply.

Apply now

Applications should be made by 15th June for Autumn/Fall semester and 1st November for Spring semester.

Internship pathway

If you are applying for the Study Abroad + Internship, you will need to fill out a  separate application form. The application deadlines for this pathway are 30th May for Autumn/Fall semester and 15th October for Spring semester.

US students at non-partner institutions

If you are from the US and you are not enrolled at one of our partner institutions, you may wish to consider applying via the   University of Wisconsin-Platteville (UWP). UWP accepts study abroad students from colleges and universities nationwide for participation in their programme at St Mary’s.

Alternatively, we have a similar programme with our partner   Arcadia University. If you wish to apply to St Mary's through Arcadia, please   apply online via their website. Once your initial application is submitted, you will receive more information about submitting the remaining required materials (such as an official transcript from your home university and a letter of recommendation). Information about application deadlines, GPA requirements and more can be found on  Acardia University's website.

Tuition fees and accommodation prices.

Find out more about  tuition fees for Study Abroad students.

View tuition fees

Accommodation fees vary according to the type of accommodation - in halls or homestay (both include a meal plan). 

If your study abroad application is successful, the Study Abroad Team will forward further instructions to you regarding your accommodation and registration.